Wednesday, 20 August 2014

GAIA for Fathers Day

What do Dads really want for Father’s Day?

Simon Vogrinec, Aussie dad of three boys and General Manager of GAIA Skin Naturals answers:

“Forget the socks and jocks and ‘soap-on a-rope’, said Simon - the number one thing I think most dads (like me) want is:

1)     More Energy, and as a close second:  2) More Time for Sport
and both those things don’t have to be expensive.”

“Running GAIA day-to day and keeping up with my three energetic boys is a challenge,” says Simon, a former hairdresser/salon owner and beauty industry professional.  “Making positive changes in your daily family routine, like choosing natural and organic food, drinking lots of water or herbal teas and making time for exercise or relaxation helps, but sometimes I need a little extra assistance in the morning to wake up and get moving or something to refresh me for a busy evening ahead - especially if I’ve been traveling or had international conference calls throughout the night.”

These is where his GAIA Made For Men Overnight Pack (RRP$17.95) comes in - and Simon recommends it to others.

Now I can fit in a quick gym session before work, have an invigorating shower and shave and head on into the office looking forward to getting stuck into the day! Everything you need is in the one compact wet pack and is all refillable” said Simon. “I can even throw it in with my soccer kit on the weekend and know I’m all sorted.  Even business trips are a breeze knowing this pack complies with the ‘carry-on’ luggage restrictions” says Simon.

“Each product contains a special blend of organic citrus oils and extracts like rosemary and witch hazel to keep you feeling fresh and revitalised,” said Simon.

They also contain organic spearmint which has a refreshing menthol-like effect – but without making your eyes water.” he said.

“My wife Michelle first created GAIA Natural Baby just over 12 years ago out of the need we had to find suitable skincare for our first son Josh who developed eczema at 8 weeks” said Simon, “I was stoked when she then created the Made For Men hair, shave and skincare range with my needs in mind – and me as the ‘test bunny’. It tackles typical male issues like ingrown hairs and shaving rash naturally – without a girly lavender smell. The inclusion of known aphrodisiacs like organic cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli offers an earthy scent which seems to have an uplifting effect on my mood – and on her too! Guys – you’ve gotta try this!“ he says.

The GAIA Made For Men Overnight Pack (RRP$17.95) is available in selected health food stores nationally.

OR go online at  with FREE GIFT wrapping for the months of August and September 2014 exclusive to the GAIA online store. 


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