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Isla Dry Cough Lozenges REVIEW

Isla Dry Cough Lozenges 
*RRP - $9.95* 30 pack.
Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free.

From the creators of PROSPAN they bring you Isla Dry Cough Lozenges which help to relieve dry cough, sooth throat irritations and hoarseness.

It has a soothing, balm-like action which coats the mucous membranes in the mouth and pharynx. The outcomes for the patient are: 
  • a dry, persistent cough is relieved, 
  • tickly throat is soothed and relieved, 
  • vocal cords are soothed and protected from further irritants. 

Isla Dry Cough contains the herbal ingredient, Cetraria Islandica, which works as a demulcent. This means that when you suck an Isla Dry Cough lozenge, it produces a protective coating or film over the irritated mucous membranes that line your throat and respiratory tract, soothing and protecting them from further attack. 

When I first received these to review Dan had actually had a sore throat at the time so he was first to try them out putting them to the test. The blackcurrant flavour for me was off putting because I am not a huge fan of blackcurrant and usually it's a really strong flavouring dose of it as well - I tried this out when Dan first had his sore throat and I was really surprised at how light the flavouring is and how it didn't get me wanting to spit out on first taste.
On initial trial Dan thought it changed how his throat was feeling with a slight relief for some time period.
I didn't want to just use the Isla Dry Cough Lozenges once and then give you my thoughts because that's not really putting it to the test, is it?

Well another month and a bit past and at the moment we have all been struck down with colds, coughs and sore throats so I thought perfect we can give Isla a whirl again.

I find that I get some immediate relief by it lubricating my throat and making it less dry which causes me not to feel so much discomfort as I swallow. I have the worst case of sore throat/coughing at the moment that I find myself trying so hard not to have to swallow and if you think about it you swallow regardless of having food and drink in your mouth so many times in a short period.

Obviously Isla is not a complete cure for the illness but it does provide some interim relief for when you are needing something to take that edge off.

Isla Dry Cough lozenges are about the size of a 5 cent coin and are a dark purple shade. They come in a box of 30 within a blister pop package for easy use.
When taking Isla Dry Cough lozenges it is advised to have 1-2 at any given time throughout the day allowing them to just dissolve slowly in your mouth. Not exceeding up to 6 times per day.
That means no biting and shattering into several pieces and try to chew it - doesn't work that way and it's so great on the teeth either as it is a little solid.

Cetraria Islandica has been tested in adults and children (from the age of 4 and up)*. Isla Dry Cough is a leading dry cough treatment in Europe and has been marketed in Germany for over 150 years.

Isla Dry Cough (from the makers of Prospan) is available at API, Sigma & Symbion. 
For more info visit: or call BioRevive 1300 790 978.

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  1. Please share the Testing/Analytical method for the Active ingredients.


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