Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Viktor & Rolf - Bon Bon Fragrance REVIEW

30ml RRP $99 | 50ml RRP $159 | 90ml RRP $199

This little baby is my first Viktor & Rolf fragrance that I have on my perfume shelf and has taken a front middle display as I am very in love. I have heard so many things about the Viktor & Rolf fragrances and to finally have one of my own and not just have a tester spray spritz from the fragrance stands in stores, I just need to contain myself now and not spray it constantly.

The scent itself is a fruity sweet smell that leaves you smelling like a delectable lolly shop - almost edible! This is the calorie free scent that will bring all that happiness and joy that comes with getting a trip to the lolly store when you were younger.
The sweet fruity smell is mandarin and orange slices - crystalized into crackling pieces of caramel wrapping succulent fruit. Peach and jasmine make an appearance in BonBon as well that bring about this paradise scent.
BonBon would be a fantastic fragrance all year round with the mix of fruit and caramel as the main features but I think if there was a season to stick to using this fragrance - I would say it's very fresh Spring scented - perfect timing!

The bottle is very unique with the bow, which stands beautifully. Bonbon's glass bottle is wrapped in a luxurious, raspberry-toned box imprinted with the scent's black bow and Viktor&Rolf's signature seal.

You often don't think about anything more then just the fragrance itself and after reading into how BonBon was made just makes me appreciate a good designed perfume bottle that much more. BonBon was handcrafted and is injected with air to form the wings and folds of the bow - this bottle took a year to get together! Can you believe that? It's just phenomenal and their work has really shown in my eyes.

BonBon is on counters in Myer & David Jones - newly added into David Jones as of this month.


  1. I love Viktor & Rolf perfume! One of my favourites is Flowerbomb. I think I may need to invest in a bottle of BonBon as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE PERFUME!!

    1. I've heard so many great things about Flowerbomb - I really need to get onto it and check it out. I adore this BonBon though! It lasts forever and is definitely worth its money.
      Big Ups from me for this Viktor & Rolf!


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