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Miss Muddy - Womens Only Obstacle Course

Miss Muddy - Women supporting women; a fun celebration of women, for women.

Miss Muddy - Creswick took place late November, 2014 in which lead me to enter myself into my first obstacle course race. Originally planned to do it with a friend but unfortunately she had to pull out on the day of Miss Muddy as she woke up feeling horrid, I sat in my bed at 3:30am in the morning - when the alarm went off wondering if I should go or not because I didn't want to be on my own. I overcome that feeling and got in the car and left, willpower and motivation to do it all on my own was there.

Arriving at Novotel Forest Resort in Creswick at the early hours of 6:30am to sign in and start my volunteer shift, in which if you help volunteer you get your race entry free after your shift or in the volunteer wave at the end of the day.

Coming up to the finishing line at MM 2014

I stayed all day volunteering as it was just a pumped environment that I wanted to chat with everyone and give my words of praise on their efforts. I was rostered on registration for most of the morning and then was sent on course in the afternoon where I was helping out in the mud pits - now that was a site to see. Not only was it funny to see all the challengers crawl through the pits but you witness such empowerment and women supporting one another through the mud crawl.

When it was my turn to race at the end of the day I ventured out to conquer my first obstacle course with the friends I had made who were also volunteering at the event.
Miss Muddy is an obstacle course that will have you of course completing obstacles but also have fun with foam, slime, colour and MUD. I do wish there was more mud pits involved in the course but they hit you with it right at the end before all your finish line photos are taken.

A volunteer and I at the finish line of MM 2014
Sunburnt, covered in mud, foam, slime, water and exhausted = GOOD DAY OUT AT MM.

I know I am super late on getting this post up about my experience from November when I completed Miss Muddy but I wanted to get something up in promotion of the next Miss Muddy taking place in April.

Winners are grinners 

Miss Muddy is coming back around and will be taking place at Sandown Racecourse, Springvale on Sunday 12th April, 2015. Not only are they coming back around with their Miss Muddy for women's only obstacle but they are bringing ObstAcool for the kids to be able to enjoy as well.
Kids obstacle courses seem to be really picking up and being a popular thing now which is fantastic to see. The kids can do a race of their own and just be like Mum or Dad. It also gives kids a different way to stay active and get involved with a passion you may have.


As with most obstacle course races - the earlier you get in, the cheaper registration price you pay.
Tickets can be purchased through Miss Muddy website or alternatively a limited strict amount of tickets will be sold on the day for $100 cash.

My MM essentials: H2Coco Coconut Water & a Quest Bar

Will I be seeing you at Miss Muddy? Will you be a returning Miss Muddy runner like myself? I can't wait to see how they set up Miss Muddy this year at Sundown Racecourse.


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