Tuesday, 31 March 2015

National Nutrition Month with Chobani

March is the month of National Nutrition Month which unfortunately I was a little preoccupied with having gone overseas again as my Grandmother past so hence why you didn't see much on my blog when you know I am a huge lover of keeping healthy and having good nutrition diets.

When I feel pregnant with Niah I wanted to ensure that I would provide her with a good nutritional diet and teach her good eating habits right from the get go - don't get me wrong I'm not the sugar free household and very strict within our households diets. We are more of an in moderation diet where we follow the food guide triangle and cut back on those unnecessary food items.

Chobani were the ones who made me start thinking about Niah's diet and what I do for her to maintain a healthy diet for her.

Yoghurt is a fantastic choice for a snack and to include in not only your diet but your childrens because of all the health benefits like good dietary bacteria, vitamins, high protein, calcium - helping to keep our bones healthy and many more things.

Chobani is a beloved favorited brand for Niah and I, this is the one we always opt for in the shops. Niah even knows that Chobani is the yoghurt we get and will aid in pointing out and putting into the shopping trolley; the Chobani yoghurt.

I really like that Chobani have gone into pouches as well as having their tubs...
Why? Because it's a convenient on the go or duck into the shop to grab snack.
They're easier to handle for those little tiny tots and are good for even us adults as you do not need a spoon.

Here are some things we love doing with our Chobani:

 Raw bowls with superfoods and fresh fruit

Fruit salad and Chobani as the dipping sauce

 Frozen yoghurt pops - great for those teething bubbas. Get creative and use two different flavours.
You can get these homemade popsicle makers at IKEA or at places like Kmart, Big W etc.

I'm proud of the way I have brought up Niah; in that I encourage her with good eating habits and that Niah herself will select fruits and veg to snack on constantly throughout the day. 
In our fridge we have the bottom shelf filled with fruit and vegetable snacks that she can help herself to when she feels like it, yes we allow her to get into the fridge herself but she is pretty good with what she selects from there so we aren't too fussed all the time over kiddy proofing it. 


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