Friday, 8 May 2015

Baby Bumkins Baby Wipes [REVIEW]

All us Mummies know how critical baby wipes are in our lives when children are blessed into our lives. They become that essential that you freak out if you leave them behind and are completely lost without them.

Baby Wipes become our sticky finger wipes, our dirty mouth's wipes, our face washers, our table cleaners from texta drawings and of course the beloved bottom wipes. This Mummy has also been known to wipe up the placements after dinner with a baby wipe, scrub messy spots off the floor and take her makeup off with baby wipes. 
The uses that you can do with baby wipes are limitless literally. 

When I first became a Mum I wanted to try out all the brands that were on the market so I knew what worked best for me, I have gone through some horrendous wipes that would rip as they were coming out of the packaging because they were so thin! We definitely don't want to get the dreaded poo fingers if the wipes aren't durable enough to just be pulled out of the package that's for sure. 

Baby Bumkins is a brand that I have never come across before being kindly sent them to review. 
First off I was inlove with the name, doesn't it just scream cuteness to you? Well it does for me anyways haha.

Baby Bumkins comes in two different variety with one being lightly fragrance and the other fragrance free. Niah does have a little sensitivity to products which unfortunately she inherited from myself being so sensitive to certain products so I was skeptical on using the fragranced ones on her bottom but there wasn't a red reaction mark at all to be had which I am pleased to have seen. 

Baby Bumkins can be purchased in individual lots with 80 wipes per pack (RRP $3.99) measuring out at 190mm x 180mm so they are decent in sizing. A little clip close lid to lock in the freshness and keep those wipes wet. Alternatively you can purchase a value pack with contains 3 x 80 pack wipes (RRP $9.99).

Baby Bumkins are very soft and thick - exactly how we want them. These wipes are some tough ones, no doubt about that. Very durable and hard to rip. 
I did find that the fragranced wipes were more of a fluffy textured feel over the fragrance free wipes though. The fragranced wipes are a light scent that leaves a fresh clean scent for a short amount of time on the skin. 

Created with care, all ingredients are dermatologically tested, pH balanced and moisturised with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for added softness and protection with every nappy change. 
Not only was this helping my little one's bottom by being so gently and nourishing on her skin but it was looking after my hands too so they are not constantly drying out from being so used to have moisture contact. 

I do recommend these wipes and think they are of good value buy when it compares to others out there. Drop by IGA Supermarkets where you will find these on their shelves. 
Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Nuffnang and Baby Bumkins. I received Baby Bumkins products as featured above in exchange for its promotion here. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


  1. Great post! I've also tried several types of baby wipes. I found one great one from
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  2. Tried the cottonelle flushable wipes that can be used for both babies and adults


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