Monday, 25 May 2015

Winter Warmers with Emerson clothing [Fashion Post]

The colder weather is approaching well should I say has arrived early for us in Melbourne. We have been experiencing the bone shattering Antarctic like weather since early May in my opinion.

Emerson are a clothing line which you have come across before but if you haven't then you will find them in Big W stores. Emerson runs through all genders and ages for clothing. Affordable and stylish.
I don't own very many pieces of clothing that have been brought from boutique like specialty stores because I find that I can get what I'm looking for from stores like Big W that are at a more affordable price range and keep the extra dollars I save on their clothing to purchase several more pieces of clothing.

 Emerson Waterfall Cardigan $15 Available in size S to XL
Emerson White Shirt $29
Emerson Long Leggings $9 Available from size 6 to 18.
Emerson Ballet Studded Flats $19

Emerson Waterfall Cardigan - This is an item that you want one in every color. Light, stretchy, stylish and comfortable. It marks everything we look for in clothing I say. 
I wear this cardigan into work as well because it just has that class to it as well. 

Emerson White Shirt - Two different materials in which the bottom of this long sleeve shirt has like a meshy see through material that gives added length and looks best when tucked up a little as pictured.
The material is very light and you can see through in which a singlet can be popped underneath should you choose. 

Emerson Long Leggings Who doesn't love wearing leggings? Well there is actually a properly quite a few out there but for me these have always been my comfort babies. Emerson have the cheapest and most affordable leggings out. Well fitted and super comfortable. 

Emerson Ballet Studded Flats - An all occasion pair of shoes that allows to be dressed up and down. 
A point at the end of them which is perfectly fine on the feet and doesn't feel like your feet are being squashed into a triangle like some other pointed shoes I have in my wardrobe. 

Emerson Pointelle Pullover $20 Available in sizes S to XL
Emerson Long Leggings $9 Available from size 6 to 18.
Emerson Ankle Boots $9 

Emerson Pointelle Pullover - I wasn't 100% sure on getting this piece as I'm not really a big color person when it comes to clothes as I'm used to hiding away in my dark colors but I really loved this color when I saw this pullover and thought let's go try it on and see how it looks on me, I was surprised when I tried it on and that I could actually wear something like this and feel comfortable.
A loose knit material that is light - best put over the top of a singlet as it does go see through, through the knit.

Emerson Long Leggings - As above - one of my favorite wardrobe must have items!

Emerson Ankle Boots - These really got me shocked with a $9 price tag. Hello bargain!! Super comfortable and cute on the feet. The back of them has a low cut which goes down to the top of the ankle and allows for all size ankles to fit in nicely. Available in a royal blue, black and beige (as pictured) color. 

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Emerson by Big W. I received a gift voucher to purchase clothing pieces as featured above in exchange for its promotion here. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


  1. I have that cardigan! It is lovely! Looking good girl! X

    1. The waterfall one? It's my fav!!! I really do love it.
      I wear it to work at times because it's just gorgeous. It's the perfect thing for any weather really.

  2. Replies
    1. Nawh thank you Caz. 26kgs off and feeling so much better xx

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