Monday, 25 May 2015

Car Trips and Home Dance Parties with Niah & ABC For Kids

Being a Mum means things change drastically in your life.
One thing that changes as they get older is they start to control the car music. You'll be cautious of what stations you will tune into because of their chat discussions and language or your little one will find a favorite TV show that brings out a soundtrack or musical sing-a-long CD in which our case the favorite is The Wiggles.

Everyday for about the last year we have been listening to The Wiggles and sometimes even Mummy me will forget there is no Niah in the car and have it playing autonomously and then realize I know all the words and being having a little sing-a-long karaoke session on my own in the car.

We were sent 4 selected titles to be able to finally change over current CD of The Wiggles which has been on repeat for too long to even count.

Celebrating their national tour a CD and DVD was released to get the party going. 
With songs that will make the little ones rock out in the car or having a dance party at home.
With special guests Lou Diamond Phillips, David Campbell and Robert Rakete taking feature in selected songs.

Niah usually relates her music from the TV in which she hasn't seen these ones on the DVD yet so it was a bit of a 'press' situation with her to find a song she could boogie out too. 
Niah will say 'press' when she wants the song skipped - but we did end up finding love in Riding My Bike as we always make jokes about Mummy going to the gym and riding the bikes whilst she goes into care. 

We all love our Aussie songs and this CD was a great one to be able to enjoy with the kids and provide a somewhat educational CD to them that allows them to get to know some Aussie animals. 
Definitely a high energy jump around here and there, stomping here and stomping there. 
This CD made for a bundle of laughs to be had whilst we danced around to this one. 

This one was Mumma's favorite to dance around the house with Niah with. Only because it played all those old school songs that we all know and used to dance to at the blue light discos at school. 
Everyone knows the songs and everyone knows the dance steps... well Niah is a little young at the moment but bring on the days when Mum can bust the moves out with Niah following along. 
Songs like Gangnam Style, Grease Melody, YMCA, Macarena are just some of the titles on this CD that we would all know. 

Happy Kids - RRP $14.99

Another CD that has all the old favorites that kids enjoy listening too. A sing-a-long boogie CD that has titles like I'm a Believer, Zip A Dee Doo Dah, Come On Get Happy and more.
It's the hits that have appeared in many kids movies that they get to know and that would be great to have at kids parties for any games. 

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by ABC 4 kids. I received the above title CD's as featured above in exchange for its promotion here. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


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