Monday, 6 July 2015

Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream REVIEW

Attending the Disney On Ice shows are always a highlight for us and as Niah grows older with each show that we attend, it's just beautiful to see how much she understands and intakes.
This year Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream came to town with pieces of the show taking part from the much loved movies of: The Princess and the Frog, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella and Tangled with of course the best hosts out - Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daffy Duck and Goofy. 

Niah was more involved in the show and was all eyes open watching the stage floor. Clapping when each segment finished and pointing out to things she was enjoying. 
Niah went dressed as Snow White in which she was shocked to see someone dressed like her on stage. The cutest thing is Niahs natural hair matches Snow White's hair so she was the little identical of Disney's favorite Snow White. 

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Snow White's piece features a carriage in which four (4) lucky children are selected from the audience to come on stage and be taken for a little ride with the Disney characters. A great involvement for the kids to be able get up close and person with the characters and have a lifetime memorable moment of when they got to be up on stage. 

The performance goes for roughly just over 1.5 hours with about a 15-20 minute interval. 
Hisense Area was where the performance showed at which has a large amount of seating, close to public transport at the Richmond station and lots of parking close by. Parking along the Yarra River is only 80 cents per hour so very affordable to drive in but do leave earlier as there is quite the traffic jams to these sorts of special events. 

One thing that I will critique on the venue hosting is that the amount of late comers to the show (audience wise) really make it hard to be able to see the stage floor. The show runs right on time and they start at the allocated time on the dot but the traffic of people are still coming in the doors.
I do think that a lock out period should apply for the show and they will only be let in through the stage changes where there isn't much happening on the floor. 
I do understand that at times things go wrong and we don't make it in time but I think some understanding that children are seated and can't see past the heads that are trailing along the isles to find their seats still. 

After the show we were invited back to a media gathering where the children were able to meet two special Disney characters, which happened to be Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. 
Niah has only just started watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on foxtel and adores them so Niah was in much shock once again to be right next to them. 
Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Disney On Ice. I received tickets to the show above in exchange for its promotion here. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


  1. How lovely is Disney On Ice! We went last night and my little toddler was waving like mad at Minnie (her new heroine)! I bought her a Snow White doll post show. Would have loved to attend the media call-out post show for this. Can't wait to return next year. Yes, the latecomers were really annoying! One lot near us turned up 5 minutes before the end of the first half! Almost a case of why go to the effort! I found it a real distraction. Loved it anyway! X

  2. I love going to Disney on Ice, it's such a memorable experience for kids and adults alike! All of my nieces and nephews love going and I am looking forward to being able to take my baby when we have one!


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