Monday, 6 July 2015

Working Mumma Pt. 2 [LIFE POST]

Previously I posted about my return journey to work, which you can read here to catch up if you missed it. I thought I would come back and touch on it again just giving an update on how I am going.

I am missing my little girl so much and I feel as though I am not with her enough.
There will be times when I just want to stay with her at day care or stay home with her when she goes to her Grandma's house. Tough struggles they are and I really tip my hat to those who have been hard out at work providing for there families especially the Mumma's out there.
Time's don't feel like they are getting any easier after being back at work for coming close to three (3) months now.
My work hours are all over the place. I work in a sales office so their could be clients in the office past our opening hours or reports to run or just work to be finalized that you haven't had time to get done during the day as you've had lots of foot/phone traffic coming in.
I work at least one day on the weekend but occasionally I will work both days which will be happening for a few weeks to come soon.

Niah is doing really well in daycare. I love that she is getting stimulation from new experiences that we don't do at home and that she gets to interact with other kids as we don't seem to be able to do play dates with friends much anymore due to the availability of everyone.

Gosh picking things out for work seems to be a hard one at times as well. I'm getting bored of the outfits I have for work and hit the shops last week and wasn't really impressed with what's out there.
Along with the struggle of constantly having to update my wardrobe with the changing of my weight loss - which I'm not complaining much but a girl can't be buying a new wardrobe every few weeks... or can she haha.
I actually might need to head back into Jeanswest and see what they have as the pieces I kept from this previous post are being used like no tomorrow at work. I really want to get a black blazer that is like angled cut as well.
Let me know if you have any suggestions on some good office casual but also corporate like clothing as I need some new places to check out.

I have been wearing the same pair of wedges day in, day out to work. They're only a pair of Rubi wedges that I got a few years ago but they are just perfectly matched to anything I wear, mostly black bottoms is the go. I am needing to re-look at getting a different pair so I can change things up a bit and plus don't new shoes always make us feel good?
I'm currently crushing on these:

This week my struggle has been trying to fit in grocery shopping and I'm starting to think that ordering online is probably the way to go again as I seem to never have time plus the impulse buys get frustrating as my local supermarket is located in a shopping hub that I always get tempted and wonder off into other stores to purchase things I don't need but want.
Going back to when I posted about 'Getting Healthy & Fit Whilst Being a Mum' recently I am still maintaining myself in going to the gym actively and ensuring I put aside time for me to train regardless of how busy the schedule is looking.
I'm in dire need of going to a salon just to have some TLC on the nails and feet but when the time for that will come... who knows.

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  1. It's hard to fit life in around a busy work schedule, props to you for doing it with Niah to think about as well! You are doing a great job and I'm sure Niah sees how great a Mum she has in you - I like these types of posts from you, so easy and enjoyable to read


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