Sunday, 26 July 2015

Circus Oz But Wait... There's More [REVIEW]

What better way then to spend an evening at the Circus, along the Yarra River in Melbourne at Birrarung Marr Park we ventured out to see Circus Oz for there performance 'But Wait... There's More' before they set foot off to new areas for the rest of Australia to see.

The cast of Circus Oz / Image: Rob Blackburn

When people say to you 'But wait... There's More' it's always such an exciting thing to here and Circus Oz truly delivered on that statement.
My eyes have laid sight on many Circus acts before but there is a clear difference between Circus Oz to others in that they do many acts with multiple acrobats in them. I'm not talking your one or two extras; I'm talking at times 5+ acrobats in the one. Not only that but a live band was on stage as well.

Opening up the show saw the acrobats come out of a hot air balloon like basket from the floor. One after another they all piled out of the basket that would fit no more then three (3) comfortably but there was acrobat after acrobat coming out of this basket. Which still has me a bit puzzled as to how they made that trick work as I couldn't see anything on the floor as to how they would exit out, good work on that trick - you had me boggled.

The phenomenal synchronous of the acrobats / Image: Rob Blackburn

How close Circus Oz can perform right next to one another is phenomenal. Circus Oz for me was that next step in amazement before your eyes. Acts were seen with women holding men up on the trapeze ropes, men holding women on their shoulders whilst riding a unicycle, acrobats jumping through shapes stacked from the ground and lots more.
You'll be sharing awhs, giggles and applauding claps with the other audience patrons as you are thrilled from your seat.

The cast of Circus Oz / Image: Rob Blackburn

The performance ran for roughly two (2) hours and had an interval break of 20 minutes. In the foyer of the big top you are able to purchase merchandise, nibbles and drinks, keeping you entertainment during the interval.  The show is for all ages and children are invited to attend as well.

Circus Oz is around in Victoria until the 2nd of September then moving along up North to New South Wales. Check out there scheduling via their website for more details on show times.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Circus Oz. I received tickets to the show above in exchange for its promotion here. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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