Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The 'Must have' product for babies; Sudocrem [REVIEW]

Sudocrem; healing cream is a zinc based cream that helps to relieve dermatitis/eczema like skin itches, rough skin, chafing, bites, minor burns and sunburn.
Sudocrem is a product that has grown to be a ‘must have’ in this household.
Having Sudocream for nappy rash is the most common use for Sudocream as most of us would know. Instant changes happen with just one use from it on nappy rash. Each time I change Niah there is major differences in comparison to how the nappy rash previously looked.
Sudocream once again is helping to soothe, moisturize and provide relief to the skin and protect from developing further irritation.

We have tried many baby creams to help with the nappy rash and Sudocrem is right up there on the top for us, not only does it aid in those times of need when Miss Niah has nappy rash but it’s versatility of uses never stops to amaze me.

Both Miss Niah and I suffer from dermatitis/eczema unfortunately and we have been applying this to ourselves when needed. After washing at nighttime we apply this directly onto Niah’s skin in which is affected. Niah seems to get dermatitis like rashes on the sides of her tummy and occasionally patches here and there on the back of her knees.
I myself suffer from it mainly on my hands and occasionally get it in the same areas as Niah.

I wouldn’t say Sudocrem clears the problem completely but it’s a good product in order to help maintain those break outs and provide some moisturised relief to our effected dermatitis areas.
When applying you only need a small amount as it does spread out thin and will be a little greasy, I’m not completely fond of putting it on my fingers due to this reason but of a nighttime I am happy to place it onto my fingers and allow to let it set in as I’m not as active and need my hands to do anything.
When it comes to using this on nappy rash though the redder the rash the more I lather onto Niah’s skin. I find the more that it on their the faster it helps to heal Niah’s rash.

I’m really keen to try using Sudocrem on sunburn when the Melbourne weather decides to get better so I can get some tanning underway. I never once thought of using Sudocrem for sunburns until I was reintroduced to the versatilities of their product again.

Sudocrem comes in 60g, 125g, 250g, 400g or 30g tube for those handbags.
Sudocrem can be found at most pharmacies, supermarkets and other like stores in the baby section.

In preference I like the tube better as it was easier to use. I wasn’t having to dig my fingers into a tub and contaminate the cream or better still wasn’t having Miss Niah want to dig her fingers in and help out Mummy by covering herself in it which seems to be the trend with most of the little tots these days.

Overall I rate Sudocrem a 5 out of 5 stars. They are overall a fantastic brand that have created a fantastic product that helps to work fast on our beloveds and that’s what we want.

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Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Sudocrem and Babyology. I received this product mentioned above for consideration. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


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