Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Utopia Womens Wellness Event

I am super excited to be attending the Utopia Women's Wellness Event this year. Unfortunately I missed it last year due to having another event on that day but I'm ready for it this year and even marked Melbourne's date in the calendar at the start of the year as a block out. 

Utopia Women's Wellness is an exclusive, one day event focusing on holistic wellness, with a goal to educate, inspire and empower.

Utopia gives you the chance to take your life, happiness and health into your own hands. Get expert knowledge, mix with like-minded people, speak with industry leaders and ask those specific questions you have always wanted to know. All in one fun and exciting day!

Utopia have a fantastic line up of wellness icons (see picture banner below) that you can hear from on the day, get expert advice as well as purchase a range of wellness products. Wellbeing events always get my full attention as it's something I live for everyday.

Utopia is the place to learn how to nurture yourself, to boost confidence and access the tools to feel empowered and inspired to live a long, full and happy life.

Melbourne - You are up first where Utopia will be visiting the Melbourne Park Function Centre on the 26th September followed by Brisbane on the 7th November at the Royal International Convention Centre and then finally Sydney on the 14th November at the Australian Technology Park.

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Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Utopia Women's Wellness Event. I received a complimentary guest past in exchange for its promotion here against my policy of honesty always and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own was used.


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