Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Encouraging your children to get back outside for Spring

With the weather now back to somewhat good our little ones are eager to get back outdoors and now us Mummies can have those moments of getting fresh air with the kids outside instead of being indoors, the kids can run wild in the backyard and there is so much more time to visit the park now.

Through winter we visited the park still between battles of unplanned rain and gales that come with living in Melbourne.

Here is some fun activities to get the kids back outdoors this Spring.
  • Picking flowers - We are back in Spring and the flowers should be starting to bloom. Pick some flowers with the children or plant your own to watch them grow.
  • Make a veggie patch - Encourage children to get their green thumb on with you.
  • Digging - We know how kids love to hide things and then find them all over again so why not get a planter box, fill it with soil and allow them to hide objects in there. Grab some little gardening tools and allow them to dig for them.
  • Sand play - The activity that should remain outside and what the kids live for going outside to do. We know that not many people are keen on sand because it can get dirty if you don’t have a tarp/cover over it so why not get a complete zip up tent and pop sand in there and zipping up when not in use – nothing can get in now.
  • Special Occasions – if there is a special celebratory event coming up like a birthday why not take advantage of this to purchase some ‘outdoor’ equipment which shall encourage them to be outside and make use of their new presents.
  • Water play - When the weather is perfect get a tub and fill it with water, get the barbies or baby dolls and give them a wash, add a face washer and a sponge so they can not only play in the water but encourage them to have good practice on their cleaning skills for when it comes bath/shower time for them. Or make your own boats from recycled materials – using milk bottles for the boat and icy pole sticks with a bit of water as a sail.
  • Visit new parks - Why not park hop and visit new parks within the area or meet up with friends with kids and have a play date locally.

There is so many activities to play outdoors but we have shared some of our favorites above and what we will be doing when those good days present for us.

*All photos of children featured are of my own daughter or her friends; in which permission has been gained. 

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