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Kids Business - Bloggers Brunch November 2015 - EVENT

Kids Business always put on a phenomenal event that brings together bloggers predominately Mummy Bloggers with brands. This event for me is something that I have grown to majorly appreciate. Kids Business get a lot of brands that I don't think I could have ever gained collaborations with, without the help of their events.
If I was to ever have to miss an event hosted by Kids Business I am always kicking myself as I just know that so many valuable relationships come from their events, just like when I missed the Bloggers BBQ earlier in the year as I was in Samoa. I don't know whether I had a better end of the stick being over in Samoa, a tropical paradise or not though haha.

This time around we were back at Encore in St Kilda. A gorgeous and very spacious venue that allows for a big gathering. I love going to events because I can catch up with my blogger friends who you don't often see very much - special mention to one of my blogging besties Alix from Fabu Fit Mum who we were able to spend the day networking with brands together and became a little mini babysitter for me when I needed her.  Brands in attendance were:

A Swiss coffee machine brand. I actually have trialed them before and had them at a Bloggers United AU event just recently in Sydney. At both events I was able to sip on their delicious fresh coffee. I mostly love that you are using fresh coffee beans and the big winner was the fresh milk, no powder - thank goodness for that.

I had heard of this brand before but never used them. I guess I never really needed them for such a long time. I used to work in childcare a few years back and what treat my hair constantly with cream or serum applications. LiceTec have just launched an amazing product that is ultimately like a vacuum on a hair brush. This product was super impress and the video displays they had to show how much lice can be vacuumed up was astonishing. It will certainly be a product I will be looking into should those pesky lice visit.

Everyone knows Medela, well should know Medela if you are a parent. Medela was a brand that the only one recommended to be as a new Mother. I went out and purchased the Swing Breast Pump and was really skeptical of the price tag that come with it, $220 for something that is going to squeeze my boobs and milk me like cow, what the heck? But it was very much worth it. An automatic machine that helped me be able to express much easier and encourage milk flow consistently. This time seeing Medela I was able to hear about their constant breastfeeding research and their charity involvement, which was refreshing to hear as they are a brand who care.

Kambrook I have known for a long time. My family home was filled with products from them as they do the job and are at an extremely affordable price point. Kambrook showed us a few of their new products launched with main aim at the BlitzPro Blender. After hearing about this product it's on the Christmas list. I have a huge multi-function kitchen tool that blends but it's not convenient for when I want to make the morning smoothies or whip up some quick protein balls.

A few years back I was on Lite n Easy for the convenience of work. I only ordered them for lunch meals and would occasionally have one as a back up should I not have dinner or be working back late at work. The convenience to eat healthy and stay on track with your diet is what Lite n Easy provide. I'm keen to revisit their meals and see whats on their menus now.

ASG have been at many Kids Business brunches before but I never stopped to chat with them. Why? I didn't think they were applicable to me. This time around I made an effort to have a chat with them; Niah is 2.5 years old now and I'm already starting to think about the stresses of education fees. I hear some yearly education fees and think wow, you send them to school on my yearly wage. Having something like ASG which would work like a super fund or a non touchable bank account that is their for education is brilliant. I am looking forward to being able to hopefully share more with you as well as learn more myself an  in depth look.

The perfect products for transporting food to school, work or a day out. Environmentally we are more conscious about the rubbish consumption and how we can illuminate wastage, also mentioning most schools are implementing the no rubbish lunches where you need to back a lunchbox with reusable items should food need to be stored. Nude Food Movers are a great brand who assist with transporting food too and from with a re-useable manner - they even have funky banana covers so you don't have to get a bruised banana.

Your children's comfort and safety is always a high priority and Infasecure are a reputable brand that has never let me down. I have two items in my household that we really can not thank Infasecure enough for in terms of the long wearing time their products can cater for. Niah's first high chair that we purchased was an Infasecure one that is multi-functioning and could turn into a table and chair set, a piece that grows with her. We were then introduced to the car seats in which we knew completely blew all over what we currently had.
Infasecure introduced us to their new product 'Arlo'; a pram that is one single attachment but will cater to the whole time your child needs to be in a pram. It's one of those products that as a Mum you stand their going wow, that's really easy and convenient.

Unfortunately I didn't get around to chatting with this brand but I was advised they were showing their home entertainment system to bloggers. I will be in chats with them shortly so I'm sure you will hear more about them soon.

This stand was where my little one spent all her time. If she ever went missing, this was where she was. Niah has always been a major fan of popcorn, which suits me as I'm more then happy for her to be snacking on popcorn rather than chocolate, chips and lollies.
Cobs introduced to us their new gourmet indulge range which saw popcorn been taken to the next level for a sweet tooth addict, flavors included Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn or Dark Chocolate dipped caramel popcorn. Are you salivating yet? I highly recommend the Milk Chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn, exquisite!

Along with those fabulous brands we were feeling a little star struck with a visit from Adriano Zumbo and Lah Lah in which we had to snap the memories.
Lah Lah preformed live for us in which Niah has always been a big fan so this was just a beautiful moment to have been there to meet with and watch.

Each event Kids Business run they sponsor a charity in which this time Life's Little Treasures Foundation Australia was in sponsorship for;
Life's Little Treasures Foundation is Australia's leading charity dedicated to providing information, support and understanding to the parents of babies born premature or sick.

Around the world hundreds of societies, associations, professionals and individuals will mark the 5th annual World Prematurity Day on November 17th. In honour of the 76 premature births per day in Australia alone, Life's Little Treasures Foundation and major supporter Medela will release an infographic and an album at the Bloggers Brunch with 76 real stories and confronting images that raise awareness of the courage, trauma and life changing experiences of families who have encountered premature births. World Prematurity Day is a chance for everyone to learn more about the causes and implications of premature birth. 


Thank you once again Kids Business for the opportunity to come along, I'm already refreshing the inbox like no tomorrow for the next one.

If you are a blogger and you are not registered to attend Kids Business events then check them out to register. 

This event by Kids Business even made it to the NEWS! Check the segment here

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Kids Business. I was invited along to attend the Bloggers Brunch where I was gifted several goodie bags from the brands.  I received no payment in exchange for this feature and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. Several photos have been provided with permission for use in this post.


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