Thursday, 12 November 2015

#MUMLIFE Tuesday's - I never intended to go back to work fulltime

I'm a bit delayed for this week but that's what a Mum life can do to you, if you are not organised and backed up with preparation then sometimes you are thrown out of whack.

We've had an eventful past week that has really taken us around the bends in regards to normal routine. Some bad news and then some good news but it's all happening for us and to top it off we have Christmas coming soon.

Something major that has impacted my life has been returning to work which you might have read my personal posts before on the blog where I talked about how I was going in the return to work.
I have been at work for 8 months now, wow! I actually just counted that out on my fingers and was gobsmacked at how long I have been back at work.
I applied for a job close to home and was put on for a temporary casual assignment of working 4 days which then turned into working 5 or 6 days at a time but then we have finally gotten back to stability in my days which have seen me to have been working from Thursday round to Monday, both days of the weekend unfortunately but you got to do what you go to do right.

I never intended to go back to work full time. If I had it my way I would be a full time stay at home Mummy but my personal situation doesn't need that right now. We only have the one little darling who needs stimulation and to be around other children so we enrolled Niah into daycare which as I've posted before was the best thing I did for my child.
When I started applying for jobs it was to only work part time so I could spend time with Niah still but then my work was taking me elsewhere and fortunately enough I could juggle it all and my life allowed it to work with me too.

Coming into the next few weeks I will be working the Monday to Friday 9-5 once again, I will once again be a full time permanent employee. I will get my weekends back which I know now will be more cherished than when I didn't have a child.
For the future plans this is the right decision.

How did you go returning to work? Did you have a situation like mine?


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