Sunday, 22 November 2015

Santa's Magical Kingdom - Opening Night EVENT

For a few years now we have been luckily invited to attend along such a beautiful night put together by Santa's Magical Kingdom. This is a not to be missed event for us each year.
It's the wonderland of all things magical for children and has everything that goes along with Christmas.

Opening night for media and family/friends was on Friday 20th November for a 6pm start.
Mummy had finished work just after 5, went to pick up the little darling Niah from daycare, put on the good clothes to meet Santa and off we headed. Little did we know it was going to take us over 2 hours to get to somewhere that would normally take us 45 minutes to an hour. Friday night traffic was on this particular day was insane, four toddler tantrums filled with tears of having enough of being in the car was not going to down our night. We knew that once we hit our destination that it would be all worth it.

This year I was most excited as Niah is growing up so fast and this was the first year you can tell the changes of Niah understanding what is going on. Niah has also developed a major love for Santa, in which when we see Santa at the shops, we will have to make a pit stop to see him.

As soon as you walk into the big white tops you are greeted with Christmas music, Christmas lights and an abundance of Christmas themed activities for the family to enjoy as well as providing many joyous rides to share smiles and laughter with your loved ones.
In this case we were able to experience Santa's Magical Kingdom 2015 with my blogging bestie Alix from Fabu Fit Mum and her family - including her darling Levi.

Activities for you to enjoy were:

Story telling with Mrs. Claus in which you could also write your letters to Santa.
Niah meet Mrs. Claus and was super happy to show off her new dress that was the perfect fit for the occasion. Niah then was able to chat with Mummy about what she might like for Christmas and post the list into the mail box provided.

A wonderland with snow (bubbles) coming down with two princesses to greet you. 
This was a big winner for the kids - as you can see Niah and Levi had a ball playing in the fake snow and covering themselves and us parents in the snow too. 

Decorating your own baubles and the rest remained as carnival rides and sideshows. 
The baubles were printed with a Christmas picture that the children can color in as their own personalized bauble to hang off the family Christmas tree.
Niah was super proud of her bauble and was carrying it around as a bracelet - very proud of her work.

As well as Decorating your own gingerbread with sweet treaties and Santa photos behind Santa's house doors.

At 8pm it was show time for the circus where Santa greeted everyone on the main stage and would sit on his chair watching the circus acts with all of us.
We were shown four different main acts during show time that was just enough for the kids to keep entertained and still for.

The stand out for us was Ramon on the highwire. Ramon always amazes us when he is so high up walking the highwire but this time he did it over the top of the audience which had us in amazement.

This year we headed up onto the Ferris Wheel before we left and were able to enjoy the city lights from a view.

Santa's Magical Kingdom will cost you $140 for a family pass (2 adults and 2 children).
Inclusive of this price is all your activities, rides and the circus show. Sideshow, food and other extra goods such as books, light up wavers, show-bags etc come at your own expense.
$140 may seem like a lot but once you work out how much you would spend going to such things like this and were to pay individually you would be equaling the same if not much more in costs.

Ample parking resides around the Caulfield Racecourse on the main street and surrounding car parks around the outskirts of the racecourse. Located only about 10-15 minutes from the city and a close distance (across the road practically) from the train station.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Santa's Magical Kingdom. I received complimentary tickets to Santa's Magical Kingdom in exchange for its promotion here. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


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