Tuesday, 3 November 2015

#MUMLIFE TUESDAY'S - The self upkeep battles of a woman turned Mumma

Back in the days before Niah I would get the following things done on the regular...
Spray tan every 1-2 weeks, acrylic (fake) nails every 4 weeks, pedicures done monthly, I could do my makeup in a relaxed time frame, full body waxing that would be done every two weeks with upper half and lower half rotation.

Now days it's...
NO spray tans - I'm the whitest I think I have ever been.

Rare occasion fake nails and hardly ever self manicured and I'll usually be sporting the patches of nail polishes that are still alive after weeks of that first lacquer application.
Recently I went out and got my nails done with acrylics put on - just the french type, taking me back to the before days but there is struggles that now came with it as a Mumma...
Example 1 - POOP! There's poop under my nail!
Example 2 - Your nail no longer fits up their little nostrils to pick those boogers out for them.
Example 3 - I have a collection of bum cream now moisturizing the underneath of my nails.

NO pedicures - I used to use those feet scrapers that 'shave' the bottoms of your feet, taking the dead skin off but that thing has been lost... lost for a very long time.

Makeup for me now can rarely be a sit down thing where I can spend copious amounts of time perfecting the 'face of the day'. Now days I will have to stand in the bathroom and rush to put my face on whilst Niah is busy brushing her teeth or spending at least 5 minutes washing her hands as she loves to ensure she puts on every soap that is in the cupboard.
Or we end up having the occasional sit down where Niah likes to join in and we end up with something like the below photo.

I generally can only get waxed on my face every couple of months and the rest of the body gets a shave if I have time...  Generally I have a shower buddy and no I don't mean a 'manfriend'.
I'm talking this little gorgeous girl who doesn't like to stand in the shower beside you and you end up showering with this attached little monkey with arms tight around your neck and legs wrapped tightly around your torso, ensuring you are not going to put her down. Don't get me wrong I love the cuddles but Mumma can barely shower herself.

But in saying all this, I wouldn't have my life any other way. I love my life much, much more as a Mum. I have more love, joy and happiness within my life now that I have little Niah here.


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