Wednesday, 13 November 2013

REVIEW: Wella Pro Series Colour Shampoo, Conditioner & Rinse-Off Moisture Treatment

I find myself in the shower constantly singing my own little tune to Wella Professionals...Wella, Wella, Wella tell me more...Tell me more! Like does she have gorgeous hair? 
Uh huh!! A gorgeous product that compliments my hair with softness whilst taking care of my coloured hair! 

I'll probably get my hair coloured every 4-6months - touching up the regrowth and adding some brightness to it and each time I go I want to ensure that I'm getting my maximum time of colour as now having a beautiful little girl whose graced my life it will make it hard to break away to sit in a salon for a few hours. 

I love a good hair product that leaves the freshly washed and cleaned hair scent, which is what you can smell with use of Wella Pro Series. 

Wella Pro Series Colour Shampoo & Conditoner 
RRP - $10.99 each for 750ml

Wella Pro Series Colour Collection preserves the vibrant, healthy look of hair shades with Wella Pro Series Colour which intensively nourishes, protects against breakage from combing and styling and leaves coloured hair soft and shiny.

Wella Pro Series Colour Shampoo & Conditioner looked after my hair giving it a long lasting colour shine like I've just come out of the salon each time I wash my hair. 

I really liked how the Wella Pro Series Shampoo & Conditioner are in pump bottles so they can easily be used in the shower. 

Wella Pro Series Rinse-Off Moisture Treatment 
RRP - $7.99 for 180ml

Wella Pro Series Moisture Rinse-Off Treatment leaves hair shiny and soft, without spending hours in a salon. The moisture formula works to align hair fibres for an incredibly sleek result.

In assisting the Wella Pro Series Colour Shampoo & Conditioner I followed on by using the Wella Pro Series Rinse-Off Moisture Treatment which you pop into your hair after shampooing & conditioning, leave for a minute and then rinse out. 
This moisture treatment is great for locking in moisture to your hair as we know that colour hair can sometimes need that extra care. 

The Wella Pro Series Rinse-Off Treatment was in a screw on lid round container which is what I dislike with all brands using the screw on lid containers but I guess with most treatments using being a thick like paste this is the only way to have them. 

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