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REVIEW: Whole Kids Certified Organic Snacks

Whole Kids range of 22 certified organic, additive-free, allergen-friendly snack foods allows parents to breathe easy knowing that they are giving their child real food that doesn’t contain any nasties.

The Whole Kids range of organic corn chips, popcorn, sultanas, fruit bars and juice is GMO free with no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, allergens, synthetic pesticides and herbicides, and is packaged in FSA accredited BPA-free packaging.

The products have been developed in consultation with more than 300 parents, as well as dieticians at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital, in order to meet the new guidelines for products distributed through hospitals.

When I was told about Whole Kids range I took them on for a review without having a child of my own who could test these (My darling is only a baby still) so I targeted my sister who is in primary school aged 11 and together we reviewed the range:

Whole Kids Organic Corn Chips 
RRP $2.00 for 35g
Have a big cheesy taste made from all-natural seasoning without any nature-identical flavours. The deliciously crunchy corn chips are made with organic wholegrain stone ground corn and organic non-hydrogenated vegetable oil.
REVIEW: The 35g serving size is a generous amount for kids. What surprised me is that the corn chips were little circle shapes (or have I been exposed to too many bad corn chippies that I only know the triangular ones hehe). They definitely are a different texture compared to the other corn chips I have tasted but they aren't bad. Our favourite was the Sea Salt - completely lick lipping afterwards!

Whole Kids Organic Popcorn 
RRP $2.25 for 12g
Is air-popped to help retain the corn’s fibre and is so delicious your kids won’t even know it’s healthy. 

REVIEW: This was our favourite of the range - Manaka Honey YUMMMO! I relived caramel popcorn as a child when I tried these but in a healthier option. This was a very generous serving amount for the kids which I don't think you would find the younger ones getting through all of the serving. 

Whole Kids Organic Sultanas and Apricots 
RRP $3.95 for 6 x 25g sachets
Are a combination of naturally sun-ripened sultanas and apricots that are free from sulphites, typically added to apricots during processing to retain their orange colour. 

REVIEW: The difference in taste that I experienced here was how much fresher the sultanas were in comparison to other brands. 
The sultanas + apricots were majority sultanas in the packet, we would have liked to have seen that the apricots were more of the fuller size instead of the little diced pieces.

Whole Kids Organic Fruit Bars 
RRP $6.95 for 5 x 40g bars
 Are based on three organic fruit combinations that are oven baked (not fried) in a nut-free bakery.
REVIEW: These fruit bars weren't really to our liking as we found them dry and just too much to have in your mouth because of the dryness. However the fruit taste was a nice subtle flavour to the bake cover.

Whole Kids Organic Frooshie
RRP $2.75 for 6 x 90g pouches
Fruit smoothies are available in six different flavours based on real organic fruit mixed with organic vegies, honey, wholegrain quinoa and rice flakes, with no added sugar.

REVIEW: Frooshies were a complete hit! Compact and easy little snack that can be put in Mum's handbag for when the kids are hungry and no need to worry about a big chunky piece of fruit that will most likely get bruised.
Frooshies combine those essential fruit/veg and with it being a puree/smoothie base you are more likely to be able to sneak them into your child that they will never eat in the raw single fruit/veg flesh. You can taste nothing but pure fruits and veg in these frooshies!

Whole Kids Organic Juice 
RRP $2.50 for 250ml
Range is based on Australian certified organic apples, mixed with blackcurrant, and pear, to create three flavour combinations that kids will love.

REVIEW: Fresh and full flavours hit your mouth when you have these, the real taste of these flavours are incredible! 
Our favourite was the apple + pear - it's rare that you find pear juice and I don't understand that as I believe that pears are definitely on the highly liked list for fruit. Working back in after school care a few years back - pears were a massive hit!

I know that when my children are older I want them to be able to maintain a healthy diet and Whole Kids will definitely be a brand I will keep my eye out for when the time comes. 
Whole Kids range is all well thought from the flavours to the presentation of packaging! I recommend these to any family with children who are from the ages 2-11year old and the adults (I was a big lover of the Whole Kids range). 
Whole Kids is probably the only brand of healthy kid snacks that I could honestly say is affordable these days - with healthy snacks from Whole Kids being so affordable, you can't have an excuse of healthy being expensive anymore!

Whole Kids cofounder James Meldrum, wife- Monica and daughter Chloe.

Whole Kids products can be found in Thomas Dux, IGA supermarkets, Caltex, BP, 7-Eleven, school canteens and hospitals, or by calling 1300 099 744


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