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Seraphina Organics Skincare

Seraphina Organics are a luxury/high end skin care brand that is focusing only on the sensitive skin types (eg. eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, severely dry skin or easily acned skin).  
An Australian range made by a gorgeous lady named Amy who started up this skincare as she was tired of having eczema, wanting a better solution to her skin. Amy was living in America at the time which don't have much to offer. 
When Amy moved to Australia she found that us Aussies were further along and there was many out on the market but there wasn't a company that was devoted to sensitive skin. Amy believed that it was an area that needed development. And that is how Seraphina Organics was started.

Girl About Glam Lip Balm - RRP $12.00
A deliciously soft and moisturising lip balm for dry lips. Adds a subtle shine for a sophisticated look. Contains an infusion of shea and cocoa butters and vitamin E.

My favourite piece from the range - this balm is now the first and last thing I put onto my lips at night before bed. It has kept my lips moisturised and restoring the softness back into my lips.
It's refreshing and such a great feeling having smooth soft lips! 
Cute and compact in a little metallic pink case. The sizing of this balm is bigger then the average on marketing so will last double the time! 

Happy Go Lovely Body Custard - RRP $25.00
A wonderfully hydrating and nourishing moisturiser for your body. Will assist your skin to become soft and luminescent. Contains an infusion of shea butter, evening primrose oil, gotu kola, marshmallow and calendula extracts, aloe vera, vitamin E and rose otto.

It really is custard like with the formulation of this being very thick, in saying that it was a little hard to get out of tube. 
There is no real fragrance scent to the custard as most organic products but it provided a thick moisturising cream to my dry skin that lasted for ages.

On With the Glow Body Wash - RRP $19.00
A gentle wash for your body to remove surface oils and grime. Will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated. Contains an infusion of calendula extract, aloe vera, shea butter and evening primrose oil.

This body wash is a gorgeous silky milk like texture. It is gorgeous on the skin. This product doesn't lather into much of a soapy wash,  you can see little bubbles on yourself during application from the wash. There is no real fragrance scent to this wash but thats normal for organic products - it certainly is better smelling then some organic washes that are out there. 
Only wish that this product came in a bigger pump bottle because I know I will be powering through this body wash.

Love Me Tender Hand Wash - RRP $19.00
An extra gentle wash for your hands. Gently washes away surface dirt and oils to leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated during frequent use. Contains an infusion of pomegranate, marshmallow, calendula and gotu kola extracts, shea butter, aloe vera and evening primrose oil.

In a rectangular pump bottle this hand wash is silky, shiny and nourishing. To me this hand wash smelt like play dough!! After using this hand wash it leaves your hands feeling moisturised and very soft which was such a difference to normal hand washing products that left me having dry and itchy skin within minutes after use.

Be Mine, So Devine Hand Cream - RRP $20.00
A thick and lusciously moisturising cream for the hands to use throughout the day. Contains an infusion of shea and cocoa butters, aloe vera, calendula and gotu kola extracts, rose otto and vitamin E.

I wish I had come across Seraphina Skincare range especially this hand cream before I was pregnant!! With having eczema it was hard to be able to use those prescribed creams as most had steroids in them, which you really need to be careful with when you're pregnant. 
This hand cream has been a treasure to use as the main cream on my hands during the day instead of steroid prescription which I'm not meant to use very much. It's also good to give my hands a break from the steroid prescription creams so that it can actually  get the chance to work better. 
Again this product doesn't have much of a scent to it but it works wonders to my poor eczema effected hands leaving it moisturised and soft.

Splash, Camera, Action! Bath Soak - RRP $21.00
A soothing body soak for dry, itchy and inflamed skin. Contains an infusion of oat flour, chamomile and rose otto to calm, soften and hydrate the skin.

I've remember as a kid my sister and I who suffered from eczema were given a bath together separate from our other siblings because we couldn't have the nice bath salts or bath bombs added into our water. Had this been back when we were younger this would of given bath time something to look forward to and be like our siblings having something besides just water to bathe in.
It soaked my skin really well in its gorgeous little salts and locked in moisturise which is what eczema really needs. The tough hard eczema parts on my skin were left softer and easier for me to move the effect areas (as eczema can make you a little stiff in the joints if that is an effected area).

Future movements for Seraphina Organics-
Seraphina Organics are very determined to have every product that someone with sensitive skin could ever need that they're taking their next step into incorporating face products, then add on products for the feet, hair, more for the hands, body and lips. Eventually they plan to make products for men and babies so the whole family can enjoy the benefits of Seraphina Organics. 
Seraphina Organics will also be re-branding in the new year giving them a more luxurious packaging (which I don't think is needed though, but very keen to see what they have planned for us all.)

In-fact Seraphina Organics are so dedicated to those with sensitive skin that they would love your help and would like you to contact them via their website, if you have a need for a product for your sensitive skin - then they'll add it to their line.

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  1. Would you recommend using Splash, Camera, Action! Bath Soak with children. I do love my bath products and I am looking for some new ones that really work and improve my skin.


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