Thursday, 28 November 2013

NIVEA MEN 3 in 1 Cool Kick Shower Gel

Have you ever thought about what kind of skincare body wash you purchase from the shops?
Are you constantly having to repurchase your skincare body wash as there's more then your hands getting used on the bottle?

Nearly 90% (88%) of Aussie guys admit to having a wash with female shower products, borrowing your body wash and taking a squeeze of your shampoo here and there. While this might seem harmless, across the nation it’s costing Australian women $350 million – that’s an average of $177 you could be saving every year.

Think of all the money you could be saving if your partner had his own or think of all the bathroom products you would still have if he had his own! 

NIVEA MEN has a new 3 in 1 product which caters to every need in the shower for the boys - body, hair and face! I am a big lover for products that are multi-caters, having a little one in our household now keeps us on our toes and the minutes we can spend extra on our little bubba are cherished. 

We were sent out the NIVEA MEN 3 in 1 in Cool Kick to put to the test.
NIVEA MEN Cool Kick 3-in-1- Shower Gel is for an instantly refreshing feeling that lasts all day, this blue gel formula with icy menthol and an exhilarating scent cleanses and replenishes moisture to the skin.

It's a great masculine
 smelling product that helps to give your partner his own products to use in the shower and to stop scabbing yours!
I thought I would be cheeky and steal his shower products to make up for times when he has done it to me but let's just say I won't be doing it anytime soon as its too much of a strong masculine smell for me. 

The 'Cool Kick' name is a little misleading (well to me anyway) as it has you thinking that it will be one of those body washes you put on and it gives you that tingly cold chill sensation upon application but it doesn't - you'll still remain warm in that shower with no tingly cold chill sensation, it's more of a kick from the strong smell. 

I personally like pump bottles in the shower for everything it's so much easier and Dan agreed also that shower products are better in pump bottles which unfortunately isn't what the NIVEA MEN 3-in-1 comes in. 

Dan is keen to try the rest of the range, being: 

The NIVEA MEN Shower Report discovered that, every year, an average of 4.1 litres of your product is being used by the man in your life. Across the country, that’s 8 million litres of female shower product being used annually – it’s a wonder why more men don’t smell of roses!

For the two-thirds of Aussie women who share their shower with a guy, the top products being 
used are shampoo (61%), body wash (57%), facial wash (43%) and face scrub (37%). Alarmingly though, don’t think they draw the line at your shower products – almost a quarter (24%) of men will take your towel too.

So what is it that makes a guy use your toiletries? Mainly, it’s because they’ve run out of their 
own stuff (42%), or are too lazy to buy it in the first place (15%). This could be why nearly a quarter
(24%) of women have resorted to removing their products from the bathroom.

NIVEA MEN 3 in 1 Shower Gels are available now from Woolworths and Priceline stores nationally.
Stockists: 1800 103 203


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