Saturday, 9 November 2013

REVIEW: Marquise Muslin Wraps

Marquise Muslin Wraps
RRP $36.95 for 2pk. 

Luxe baby brand Marquise, has released their debut collection of muslin wraps.

Expanding their baby offering, the muslin wraps are delicate, durable and made from 100% cotton; enhancing the ability to calm and sooth your baby.

With a fully-finished hemline, these wraps feature in the signature beach side and polka dot prints from the summer collection.
The Muslin Wrap is multi-functional and can be used as a burping cloth, change table cover, breastfeeding cover and can be placed over your pram or stroller.

As of lately Melbourne has given us some hot summer like nights and my little darling heats up something shocking when I wrap her in her normal muslin wraps or blankets that are quite thick and fluffy, but now we have know found the alternative for hot nights. 

When we were sent Marquise Muslin Wraps we very eager to give these a try as we love the Marquise baby clothes! I actually had no idea that Marquise did anything other then baby clothes so was a nice surprise. 

Here are some the great uses I put my Marquise Muslin Wraps too:

  • In bubs crib on hot nights as I don't want her having nothing on and getting chilly. 
  • When I carry her around the house.
  • I love these for in her bugaboo bassinet pram under the apron as a light cover for her. 
  • What I really loved these wraps for was breastfeeding! When I'm caught outside of home and needing to feed my little angel - these became my best friend to throw over my shoulder and bubs to give us some privacy whilst she feeds. 
I personally didn't like using them as a burping/grot cloth as they are too thin for that job, need something thick to clean up those baby vomits!

The Marquise Muslin Wraps are just so soft, delicate and perfect! 
The patterns on the wraps - starfish and like a circle sequin design match the right season for when they should get most of their use! 

Available in a two pack, the light weight wraps retail for $36.95 

As well as the seasonal fashion line, Marquise also offers an essential’s range which includes classic styles for your essential baby needs.
Established in 1932, Marquise has become a trusted Australian children’s wear brand, offering
premium, fashionable and comfortable apparel.


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