Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Vileda Magical System REVIEW

Vileda Magical System
RRP $9.99

Cleaning the bathroom is such a drainer, I'll clean and clean the glass areas and I can never get that complete sparkle shine all over. It takes numerous amounts of wipe overs to get it spot free.
Vileda Magical system is that newbie product that has just been released and put onto shelves that is making me happy in the bathroom. 

Its simple to use and gets every bit of dirt, grime and markings off the glass area.
Vileda Magical is a quick two step process that only needs a spray and a wipe and wah la as good as new! 

Vileda Magical spray comes with its own special microfibre cloth that does not need any water to use. Use as is when dry for a flawless anti look. For all kinds of surfaces like the shower glass, on the mirror for anti-fog, windows for anti-rain or anti-condensation, taps for anti-stains and tiles for anti-limescale. 
The most amazing thing that got me was the prevention of fogging, which still blows my mind! I love being able to get out of the shower now and still see myself in the mirror and not have to wipe a spot (making the mirror even dirtier) to take off my panda eyed makeup. 

Vileda Magical system leaves a protective 'Magical' layer on your surfaces making it water repellent so the water drops just drain straight off. It's going to leave your wet areas cleaner for longer and allowing you to get on with life and not spend double the amount of time doing house chore cleaning.
There was no scrubbing or pressure needed during this clean.

Freshly sprayed Vileda Magical Spray
Wiping over with the Vileda Magical Spray

Vileda Magical system has a soft cleaning scent to it and isn't overpowering and heavily scented leaving you in strong fumes coughing your guts up like you would experience with many of the other branded products out on the market. 

Available in Woolworths and Big W nationwide

Check out Episode 7 of the web comedy series, Where's Julia? to see the Vileda Magical system in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUukY7eDzhk.

Also check out Vileda's Facebook page for more information and the occasional giveaway: https://www.facebook.com/HelpMeClean

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