Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Reveal by Calvin Klein REVIEW

Sensual – Unexpected – Addictive 

A flirty, fun, sexy and hot nights scent! Perfect for the Spring/Summer time where the weather is cool and you can pop on a cool casual but yet luxury scent when you head out to the movies, dinner or to the beach.

The scent takes you to another place with its aroma, it just fills the area and almost hypnotizes you into this calm and peaceful place.

I would compare this scent to be similar to the Downtown perfume released around the same time last year, although once the scent has settled on your skin you can smell the simply gorgeous difference of what Reveal is all about with the fragrance notes of:

Top: raw salt signature, pink pepper, black pepper, white pepper
Heart: orris, ambergris, solar accord
Dry: sandalwood, cashmeran, vetiver

The bottle of REVEAL is another unusual one that place displays as a square for the casing but when the lid comes off you have a two split triangular pieces.

I just loved what was said on behalf of Reveal's bottle and packing in the media release so therefore I have placed this into my post for you to have a read:
REVEAL Calvin Klein discloses the fine balance between attention to detail, luxurious choice of materials, poetry of colors, and an innate sense of pure simplicity and natural ease.
Crafted with an inventive modern aesthetic and luxurious materials, the design puts a new twist on the purity and simplicity that are Calvin Klein signatures. The square- edged silhouette meets pillowy contours at every turn, creating a new Calvin Klein shape that embraces elegance and sophistication. The generous depth of glass and heavy metal cap play in a game of tension and duality with the delicate nude hues for an effect that is alluring and distinctive.

The semi-sheer outer carton reflects the unusual symmetry of the bottle design. A bare blush background is finished with a metallic triangle at the top corner for a play of warm color and luminous finish.

This fragrance I would recommend for a night affair event which its rich scent it's perfect for a dinner date or night on the town with the girls.

REVEAL is out in stores now -
eau de parfum spray 100ml $120
eau de parfum spray 50ml $90
eau de parfum spray 30ml $60
sensual body lotion 200ml $30


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