Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Nappy Collective - The Art of Being Happy Bloggers Brunch

As you will have all known by my previous posts and social media posts, I am strongly supportive of The Nappy Collective.

The Nappy Collective do exactly as their name says they collect leftover unused disposable nappies and give them to organisations that have families waiting for their support.
In the last collection run they did just recently (which my previous post details here) I donated along with my Mum and sister over 100+ unused nappies and purchased some extras to donate as well dropping them at a location collection drop point.

The Nappy Collective run 3 drives a year - in February, July and October for 2 weeks at a time. They list on their website where the drop points are for that run. Local businesses and organisations will get involved by being those drop points where you can drop your donation nappies too.

Jo-Ann Hicks from The Nappy Collective guest speaking at the Bloggers Brunch
Photo Credit: Kids Business
The Nappy Collective have collected 109,669 nappies so far in total in the short year they have been running (October 2013 - start up date)

If you are looking to get involved in The Nappy Collective check their website for collection dates to be able to donate your nappies, be a drop point if you are a business, volunteer your time to aid in the distribution/sorting of the nappies, donate money or become a sponsor.

My little Niah and I visiting Parkmore Centre to drop nappies.

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