Saturday, 8 November 2014


Dare to be bold. 
Dare to be different. 
Dare to strut your stuff. 

Definitely bold, definitely different and I'm ready to strut my stuff. 

This scent is bold, is different but yet it isn't something I would have picked up for myself or added to my christmas list. I'm a first impressions kind of girl so it needs to get me as soon as it hits my nose the scent which GUESS Dare didn't, it wasn't until I sprayed it on my body and let it settle into my skin and allow those base notes to really shine through although I do still smell quite a bit of the top notes still which is unusual for me in a lot of perfumes. 

The fragrance GUESS Dare is a strong one, with a spritz only to the wrist it had smelt like I had bathed in it all day. My way to describe it would be a crisp lime, woody jasmine scent with a warm musk sneaking through. An adventurous scent at that!

Top notes: Crisp Kumquat, Pear Blossom, Lime Flower
Heart notes: Living Palm Springs Cactus Flower, Jasmine, Wild Rose 
Base notes: Blonde woods, Living Key West Coconut Palm, Musk

I wasn't overly impressed with the box that GUESS Dare came in and thought it was a little tacky compared to their other perfumes. But I guess it isn't what is on the outside it's the inside... opening up the box to reveal a cute pascal light pink bottle that displays and shows off the curves a real woman would have. 
A small gold chain wraps around the bottle neck with the GUESS printed into the feature piece making it look like the perfume bottle had a necklace on.
The gold square bottle top lid was printed with the GUESS logo on.

I would suggest this fragrance would be more used in the colder months of the year as its scent is a very warm one too me. 

GUESS Dare Collection:
Eau de Toilette 50ml RRP$49
Eau de Toilette 100ml RRP$69


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