Friday, 7 November 2014

Burts Bees Summer Beauty Prepping

With the Summer weather strolling in early on us whilst we are still in Spring its time to start thinking about those products that we will need to help us survive the heat, make sure we are looking after our skin with some light pampering and taking time out to have some well deserved RnR!

Together with Burts Bees I have collated a Summer Beauty Prep for you.

Something for your lips which will need hydrating and moisturising so they don't get all chapped and dry out. Something for your face as a cool down or to take off the daily makeup. Something for your feet that have been used all day long in your busy lives. 

 Rosy Dawn Lip Gloss - RRP $16.95
A light coloured lip gloss that adds a good amount of shine to your lips whilst being the perfect overlay on top of a pink shaded lipstick as well. 

I did find the lip gloss to be a little sticky and I don't think the price point is an attractive one unfortunately but it did do a good job of what it's meant to be 'lip gloss'.

I love the little detailing on products and Burts Bees impressed me with the little impression bee hive print on the lip gloss lid giving it that special little something.

Apricot Lip Shimmer - RRP $6.95
This lip balm is the must have item on your summer hot days survival list. An easy twist to use lip shimmer. 
 My lips were left feeling completely nourished and as soft as can be. 
With a little shade of apricot placed onto your lips and of course the shimmer it was the perfect between balm to go between when not wanting much of a color on the lips.

Facial Cleansing Towelette - RRP $9.95
Facial wipes are another MUST have in the beauty kit - all year round. Every time I wear make up I'll be sure to wipe it all off with a facial cleansing towelette and then wash over with fresh water before bed. 

Burts Bees Facial Cleansing Towelette are lightly scented and a thick wipe full of moisturise. I'm used to using two facial wipes at a time to get my makeup off at a night time, not because I wear a stack of makeup but I can never find a wipe that provides enough moisturise within to take off my makeup. 
Burts Bees was a one wipe per time for me which is a really money saving point for me as I wouldn't have to purchase double the amount of packs. 

Not only are Facial Cleansing wipes good for makeup removal but they are good just for a freshen up, they're compact enough to be placed into your handbag or to keep a spare in the gym bag like I do and wash over my face after my sweaty workouts. 

Coconut Foot Creme - RRP $24.95
As we all know I am loco for coconuts and couldn't say no to trying a coconut product also being that my feet needed some real attending too! 
It has been over a year since I have gone for a pedicure and it's definitely taking a toll on my poor feet, mainly the heels which are all rough and dry so this product is something that was well suited to me. 

The way you use the Coconut Foot Creme is to apply a good generous amount onto your affected areas  and pull some cotton socks over the top all before you hop into bed for the night. 
Waking up with as smooth as a babies bottom feeling feet. Obviously this is no miracle treatment that will have you having the perfect feet overnight if your feet were as bad as mine but over numerous amounts of applications the real good things will start to show and leave your feet well nourished and back to a good healthy state. 


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