Sunday, 14 December 2014

Everloc Xpressions Dental Station REVIEW

Having been introduced to Everloc through my blog a little while back now I have been inlove with their range and how they make everyday products so simple to use.
Once again these are products that are perfect for your rental properties where you may not be able to gain permission to put things onto walls, tiles etc or you may not want to leave fixings on the wall permanently.
Everloc products allow you to take the products off their holdings with ease of knowing there is no mess left behind or damage done to the house after removal.

Xpressions is a new range that has been brought out by Everloc that give you that chic stylish look with white bordering. A combination blend of polycarbonate and stainless steel being your affordable solutions.
We were gifted out the Dental Station which has two square holders on each side of the station and a shelf in the middle. This Dental Station is perfect for placing onto the mirror in the bathroom or in the shower. I noted that the Dental Station doesn't have any written information on the box packaging to say what surfaces are suitable to use on, which as a purchaser would be exactly what you would want to know straight off the bat. 

We have placed ours onto the mirror in the ensuite of our house which allows us to not have our toothbrushes lying around on the basin side and add in some organization to my already messy bench top with cosmetics and hair products.
We also tend to use the square holders for popping razors into so we know little fingers won't be able to get ahold of them. An elevated anti-mould guard platform is included in the dental station for the square holders which will allow you to prevent mould. 

The shelf comes in good hand for placing your hand soaps and soap bars onto which I always wipe underneath the dental station on a daily basis to ensure there is no build up of soap and no wetness left, I am currently on the hunt for a tray the same size as the dental station so I can place under it for a clean bench top. 

The Dental Station allows for up to 15kgs of weight at one total time - strong or what for such a little lightweight item.  
Everloc have an extensively large range of stylish and hassle free home kitchen and bathroom organisation solutions. 

Keep posted for more on Everloc as we get some organisation happening in this house. 

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