Sunday, 14 December 2014

Dreambaby Stroller Bag REVIEW

A pram is never equipped enough to carry all your needs I say. You have your under basket which will carry your groceries/shopping if not your handbag and then there is only so much you can hang on the handle bars before the pram gets unstable and starts to pop wheelies on you. 

Did you know that Dreambaby have a stroller bag? I know right, what doesn't Dreambaby cater to when it comes to your children and you.
Dreambaby's stroller bag (RRP $9.95) is made from black durable netting, which is good and bad. 
Good for that it holds your larger items and obviously bad because you are limiting to the item sizing of what you put in there as it might just slip right through the netting. 
I'm not a handbag carrier unless I'm out for most of the day so most of the time I only just head out with my phone which is in a case that holds my cards and keys. I carried an empty container around in the stroller bag for occasions where I may be out on small trips and could put my loose change and keys into without fear of them falling through the netting. 

I really enjoy using the stroller bag when I head out with Niah for some exercise as it's quick and easy to grab our drink bottles for a quick pit stop and I don't have to worry about the drink bottles rolling around in the under basket and leaking which most little kiddies drink bottles seem to do these days. Even if the drink bottle was to leak in the netting stroller bag, I wouldn't have to worry too much as it'll drip through. 

The Dreambaby stroller bag easily attaches to your pram with velcro straps that tie around the handle bar of the pram. At current I am using a pram that doesn't have anywhere to attach the bottom velcro strips so the bag will at times sway with the pram which isn't a bother at all as the weight of the bag contents doesn't move too much. 
Something I really liked about the stroller bag was that because of the netting you could see right through the bag to be able to find what you are looking for unlike the lucky dip and hide and go seek we play when we are searching for something in our handbags.

I found the Dreambaby stroller bag overall really easy to use and come in great hand as being an extra storage place on the pram which as we all know as Mum's that we can never have enough space on the back horse that we transform our prams into. 


  1. Love it! You can never have too many bags to keep things in on the go! This would be great attached to a car seat too! X

  2. This bag has a stylish design, and definitely the value to looks combination is good enough to spend the money. I would highly recommend these expensive handbags to everyone.


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