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Morrexico at Terminus, Flinders Hotel

I claim to be a foodie but compared to the dedicated food bloggers I meet a few Saturday's ago, I am nothing. I know I'm not a full on foodie blogger but I do post quite a bit of food related things onto my channels so it was good to take on something a little different to spice things up.
Talking about spicing things up I attended my first ever sit down dinner for fine dining as part of media.

Set in one of the top destinations in the world (as titled by National Geographic) Mornington Peninsula, we were invited along to the hatted restaurant Terminus at Flinders Hotel. Call me cheesy as I bring out The Walking Dead lover in me but this got me excited about 'Terminus' as the name as they used this as a place within the show.

Greeted by waiters is san burros at the door offering a cold beverage as we walked in, of course Corona's was the beer of selection for the night. Set up with pinatas, candles and bright colours to really set the 'Morrexico' experience.
Crossed between Moroccan and Mexican; came Morrexico.
This came about through The Age Good Food Month which did a 'hat's off' for those hatted restaurants to go outside of their normal cuisine set, which in this case Terminus is usually French cuisine.
Executive Head Chef Pierre Khodja put his spectacular culinary skills into the art of an interest of modern Mexican with signature flavours from North Africa.

Seated at an intimate table with the foodie bloggers who are well known for their blogs of fine food and the PR agency left a perfect opportunity to grow my knowledge on food, get to know their experiences through blogging and of course engage more with the lovely ladies who came from the PR agency.

Morrexico was a five-course fiesta marrying modern Mexican cuisine with the aromatic flavours of North Africa - which really had us having seven course when you include the Amuse Bouche and Dessert. Each light course came out with its set wine match for the meal picked out by the head Sommelier; now I am not usually a wine drinker but I thought to myself I need to grasp this whole experience with open arms and made sure I tried every wine that came out. Mind you this Mumma hasn't had a drink in over two years so it was straight to the head for me but the food and constant water supply kept me ahead.


Amuse Bouche - 
Marinated ocean trout, guacamole, smoked eel, tortilla chip.
2014 Quealy Pinot Grigio; Balnarring, Mornington Peninsula.

The softest melt in your mouth mini tortilla chip served up in a deconstructed meal of three gorgeous pieces presented onto the plate for Amuse Bouche.
Smoked Eel was presented in the crumbed ball and Marinated Ocean Trout was wrapped with thin shaved slices of avocado, which both went together fabulously.

First Course - 
Fresh anchovy, chilli, egg brick, corn and radish salad.
2012 Stift Goettweiger Gruner Veltiner; Australia. 

The egg brick was presented in a unique way of being wrapped in several fine layers of pastry, soft yet that little bit of crispiness that took you by surprise.

Second Course - 
Tequila-marinated scallops, preserved lemon dressing. 
2013 Bannockburn Sauvignon Blanc; Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula. 

Pierre was all about unique presenting this night and again the Tequila-marinated scallops are in the chopped up finely and placed between mango slices. A deliciously tantalising course.

Third Course - 
Steamed barramundi, fennel, green salsa, quinoa and mint salad.
2012 Hoddles Creek Estate '1er' Pinot Blanc; Hoddles Creek, Yarra Valley

I'm quinoa mad and couldn't get enough of this dish. It was a dish I would have loved to have been an 'Oliver' saying 'More please Sir'.
The perfectly steamed barramundi was heaven in your mouth to taste.

Fourth Course - 
Slow roast duck, mango and clementine, sweet potato crisps.
2011 Chateau Musar 'Jeune' Cabernet Sauvignon Blend, Lebanon.

To my shock this was my favourite dish of the night. I have never had duck before and when I first looked at the menu upon arrival this was the course I said oh, no not duck, I don't think I will be into that one but little did I know it would be my favourite.
The mango and orange were the best sweeties to place with this dish. The aromatic flavours of it all came together very well.

Fifth Course - 
'Morrexican Pancake' - filled with chermoula and tequila marinated slow roasted lamb shoulder, with capsicum salsa and avocado.
2012 Foxeys Hangout Shiraz; Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula.

I was very much expecting a frittata type dish for this one but I was very much fooled. A burrito like dish to end the night was the perfect fifth course. Succulent lamb that was pulled perfectly into shreds.

Desserts - 
Quince and cinnamon spiced Souffle with coconut ice cream and tequila and mango salsa.

Oh my goodness, desserts are always so scrumptious and this would have to be a topped favourite as to any dessert I have had. A gorgeous souffle that had me burn my tongue but keep going as I just couldn't wait for it to cool down before eating. The coconut ice cream with tequila and mango salsa were the complete right match to send down with the hot quince and cinnamon spiced souffle.

The menu was absolutely delicious. I tried so many things I would have never brought myself to eat in my own home and experienced so many different ways to eat food.
As their was many dishes I said to myself I will just eat what comes out and then look at the menu after finishing the course to know what I have just digested, it really surprised me as I could hardly tell exactly what protein meat was put into the dish.
After each dish that came out I would find myself saying; 'No, this one is my favourite' but then the next dish would come out and I would have to say it all over again.

I would like to say a huge thanks to Flinders Hotel for their hospitality as their food was exquisite and really made me leave with a full belly of scrumptious foods! I will be sure to come back and try more of the fine foods that Pierre and the team have to offer.


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