Monday, 22 December 2014

Tee -Zed Magic Table Lamps REVIEW

Night lights is a necessity I think when it comes to having kids. Not only for their room until they feel safe enough to sleep in the dark but around the house for when you need to get up to go be saviour to their cries or to their bad dreams.

Tee-Zed have a range of gorgeous Disney characters lamps - Mickey, Minnie and Pooh Bear which will light up your child's room with a low soothing yellowy orange shade of light. 

At night time the real magic of these lamps happen - When these lamps are off during the day you'll see that there are no eyes on the character but then come night time when the light is switched on you'll see the Disney characters eyes appear with decorative stars and moons also light up on the lamp.
This comes into play with telling your child that Minnie, Mickey or Pooh bear are looking after them whilst they sleep.

Tee-Zed lamps have a light switch on the cord with no need to switch on and off at the wall. 

Tee-Zed have covered us when it comes to being energy effienct as these lamps are installed with an energy-saving bulb that can be left on all night with the guarantee that less energy will be used compared to the non energy-saving bulbs. 

These lamps are made from plastic so they're another perfect tick on the list for your child's room as there will be no fear of it falling off and breaking into pieces should they be playing around in their room. 

Tee-Zed Magic lamps are available at Big W store for an RRP $40. 


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