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Slim Secrets Bare Bars & Protein Indulgent Shakes REVIEW

Slim Secrets have two (2) new kids on the block which arrived at my house a short time ago. I've featured Slim Secrets before on my blog which you might have read and I really enjoyed what they had to offer and became a regular addition into my shopping trolley as I did my weekly shop.
Slim Secrets were a range of snack bars and snack balls but now they have put some loving into two newbies - Bare Bars & Protein Indulgent Shakes.

Clean eating is the big thing now and everyone is looking for the as close to natural food, which is what inspired founder Sharon Thurin to have a look at the market and see that there is not a lot of offerings from brands that have 'clean eating' bars. This is when Bare Bars made their way out from Slim Secrets.
Bare Bars come in two (2) flavours - Berries & Cream and Double Choc.

Majority of the time I am only about to eat half a protein bar due to the fact that it's just too much to handle taste wise in one sitting but Slim Secrets are light on the tummy but very filling when it comes snack time or the boost up after a workout.
Usually I am a chocolate protein bar girl but Berries & Cream was my favourite from the two.
The Bare Bars weren't horribly chewy which you can find in most protein bars and were of a good tasting quality.
Bare Bars are made with whey protein which is a good source of protein for pre and post workout.

Bare Bars are will hit those sweet cravings with the natural sweetener of stevia. Slim Secrets Bare Bars have of course put the right things in to seal it with the 'slim secrets' as they are low carb with a combination blend of amino acids that help to burn fat.

All natural ingredients, no additives and no artificial flavours - ticking all your boxes.
Drizzled with chocolate, they are the tastiest bars to sink my teeth into this year.

Gone are the days you have to carry around an empty shaker in your bag with little zip seal bags of protein powder that you have portioned out for your pre or post protein shake, making you look suss if they so happen to fall out of your bag.
Having RTD (ready to drink) shakes are perfect to pop into the bag as a snack on the go as well that isn't going to burst you at the pants buttons.
No more digging for the scoop in the protein buckets, no more over flows of powder everywhere - just grab a Protein Indulgent Shake.

Slim Secrets Protein Indulgent Shakes (RRP $3.99) come in two (2) flavours - Caramel-Latte or Choc-Coconut in a 250ml resealable bottle. Best served cold.
I am coconut crazy so you can guess which is my favourite.
I am a sometimes coffee drinker so having a caramel-latte shake wasn't exactly my cup of tea, especially as it contains real coffee. Although this will come in handy for a pre workout buzz with the extra caffeine.

Protein Indulgent Shakes are very thick in texture which would be the reason for filling you up I say. The rich sweet taste from both shakes are from the natural sweetener stevia as do the Bare Bars have.

Choc-Coconut was a dark chocolate colour in appearance and has added green tea extract in the shake - winning! We all know the benefits of green tea so to have this on top of being low carb and a good source of protein - you're in for something great!

The price tag of RRP $3.99 is amazingly gobsmacking cheap. If you're a regular purchaser of RTD shakes then you'll know its about $5+ to pick up one from stores, gyms, servos etc so Slim Secrets have an upper hand here.

Would I purchase these again?
Yes, Bare Bars are definitely going to be an addition on the shopping list.
Protein Indulgent Shakes - they will be a sometimes purchase when I'm in a rush around and need to get some protein hits post workout.

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