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Christmas with Bakers Delight

O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree Celebrate the Festive Season with Bakers Delight 

Christmas is always a busy time, it feels like all we think, do and be about is Christmas for about 6 weeks even before it hits the real day! 
Christmas parties will keep you occupied for weeks in advance and you'll end up racking your brain trying to think of what you should bring along with you when you're told to bring a plate. 
For me we had our Mothers Group christmas party and it was bring a plate, I got in late so everything was already catered for with the usual sausage rolls, fruit and veg platters, cupcakes, hot chickens etc so that's when I turned to Bakers Delight for a real festive treat! 

Bakers Delight have three (3) scrumptious Christmas related food items that come around once a year; Christmas Tree Cake, Fruit Mince Tarts and Lemon Tarts. 

What I love about the Christmas Tree Cake is there is three (3) different options with how you purchase this item. You can purchase them in a large candy-striped tin (RRP $15.00), Christmas  Tree medium sizing (RRP $8.00) or the small single serves (RRP $3.50).
I'm not big on Christmas Cakes but I have many fond moments of when I was a younger child of sharing Christmas' with my Nana who would always make a Christmas Cake and cover it with warm custard, hiding a gold coin in there for us. 
Many share the love of Christmas Cakes and find that Christmas Cake is their devils weakness food. 

Bakers Delight's new Christmas Tree Cake combines the traditional flavours of the bakery's much-loved Christmas staple, with a fresh new look. The cakes are made with real currants, sultanas and fragrant spices, then topped with a clever arrangement of delectable glaced cherries on each point of the tree to replicate baubles on a Christmas Tree. 

And of course what we all love from Bakers Delight and hang out for each year in and out is the iconic Fruit Mince Tarts and Lemon Tarts are making the return. 
These can be purchased as singles (RRP $1.70) or in a pack of six (RRP $8.50) - you can mix and match in the six pack, no limitation to just the one flavoured tarts. 

Fruit Mince Tarts are really a hit and miss type product for me but it is with great pleasure that I advise Baker's Delight get the tick of approval from me. Bakers Delight Fruit Mince Tarts have that gorgeous soft buttery crust pastry filled with bold spiced yet sweet fruit. 

Best saved for last... The melt in your mouth well zing in your mouth should I say Lemon Tarts. The most punchy lemon tarts I have ever had, the perfect amount of tangy kick in a lemon tart that you look for. The thick lemon curd filling will have your mouth watering. If you haven't already tried them and are a huge lemon lover who will suck them raw like myself then you MUST try them this Christmas before they go.

Not only do these traditional treats look stunning under the tree or taste as scrumptious around the table but they can be the perfect gift for the school teachers, work colleagues or Secret Santa.

Bakers Delight’s Christmas treats can be purchased from bakeries across Australia from 20 November. Visit for more information, or to find your nearest bakery.


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