Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Certain Foods & Cravings in Pregnancy

What are you do's and dont's in pregnancy eating?
What do you consider myths and true statements?

I read so many do not have this - but only this certain way can allow you to eat it.
Then you read some which are like definitely do not eat this but then you read elsewhere it's okay. 

This pregnancy diet is confusing as!!

I'm dying to have Sushi but I have read all bad things about it so I know that's definitely off the agenda. I know as soon as I have this baby of mine that I am going to have a Sushi party - for myself!! Possibly order a catering tray size hahaha!!

I have also been a person to love salty foods and Feta was on the top of that list - which has been really phased out as I have been advised only okays if it's cooked through and really heated. 
I actually feel guilty eating it... it's like these things we read about pregnancy are there to scare us... I mean they should to some extent but not this bad right? 

I am really struggling to take in food thats good for me... I have no idea what my body is into having and not still at the moment. What kind of meals did you all have when pregnant? Would love to hear some ideas so I can try out. 

On the topic of foods at this current moment I'm in front of my laptop with a packet of oreo's with a tub of peanut butter... is this abnormal to anyone? Share your weird cravings with me. Would love to giggle with you all.


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