Thursday, 21 March 2013

First Antenatal Bubba Appointment

Today the ball starting rolling and the bigger start to the journey. 

I was actually going into a state of being unsure if there was anything in there just because these appointments to see our darling cherub are so far away from each other and makes me second question is there really a baby in there, is our darling okays? 

When I had my first antenatal appointment today I was advised that it was only going to be 10 minutes just so they could see if I met the criteria of Bacchus Marsh hospital.

As Daniel was on TAFE we decided well it's not that important to miss TAFE so I'll just go by myself. I took my Mum in with me just to check this place out and not have to go by myself. 
The Melton Health Clinic is beautifully done - this really brings a new light to Melton I say - they are really trying to get this place into a better upper standard ;P

The nurse & doctor I had there were both great, professional and welcoming. 
The doctor started of by going through all my medical history, family history and all that jazz. We then got to listen to baby's heartbeat on the doppler. My gosh it was breathtaking... a tear was dropped as it was just wow! Nothing better in the world right now. 
Doctor said before hand that it might be hard to hear and we might not hear at all. As soon as doc put the doppler on my belly she found it straight away and it was very solid and strong. 
It was a heart beat of 160-170 which she said was good and normal but after chatting with another mum she advised that it was high??
What does everyone think? What is normal and not?
My mum said that the high heart rate it's a boy and for low it's a girl. Does anyone else know of this superstition? 
After this appointment I want a doppler. Does anyone have one? How much and where best to get?

After hearing baby's heart beat I was upset for Daniel and knew he would be upset as well, the poor thing. I was devastated for him. I really wish they had advised us that we would have gotten this done so Daniel could have been there. It's funny coz I was actually saying to the lady when she was scheduling this first appointment that the 11am on a weekday would not suit as my partner can't be their, she said it literally goes for 10 minutes and he doesn't really need to be there!! Naughty woman!!
Next appointment I scheduled in I made for a 6pm so hopefully this is better for both Daniel & I. Next appointment excites me as we would of had our 20 week ultrasound and would know baby's sex!!!!!!!!!!!


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