Friday, 1 March 2013

Cat's Out Of The Bag Now...

Daniel & I announced earlier this evening the exciting news of our pregnancy on FaceBook.
We are sooo delighted with the come back... it was phenomenal.
We appreciate everyone's lovely well wishes and support. 

We were both very amazed at how many people read our status in their new feeds and took the time to either comment or like our status'.

It is now week 13 for us tomorrow and we are on a brilliant track to our pregnancy, now that it can be aired to everyone. I have been able to speak with so many parents and expectant people and receive some tips and feedback for our pregnancy. 

It feels so much better to have released our news to everyone and now with FaceBook & Blogger we can share our experience with everyone. 


Just to show you all the love we have received tonight. My status made 118 likes and 46 comments alone within 2 hours was amazing. We have such wonderful people in our lives.  


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