Tuesday, 19 March 2013

15 weeks

Officially as of Saturday I was 15 weeks.
Gosh it seems like its moving along so quickly now but I still can't shake the throwing up and sick feelings and even the horrible tastes in my mouth!
I still don't have much of a good baby bump... More so a food belly :( when will this belly pop & turn my fat into a baby haha. That's one of the things I'm looking forward to the most & then I can just say oh that's baby fat hahaa.
I've thrown up heaps lately and it's out of no where. First time actually at work on Friday when I smelt tuna & rice.

Daniel & I finally got a house in Melton West approved as of last week!! Ekkkkhhh so exciting. We move in next weekend & get the keys on Thursday.
We purchased our couch, dining table & tv unit and they all arrive this Saturday to my mums for storage until we go. Can't believe it's all happening now.
We purchased all the kitchen electrical appliances we needed - toaster, multiprocessor, kettle and got a new cutlery set.
I'm so excited just to get my dining table in its amazing! Solid NZ Alpine 10 seated dining table.
It was actually really funny as we tried Frankston Furniture Galore and they said the couch and color we wanted we would have to wait until end of May to get... No I'm sorry we want that first not end of May. We were about to pop $2500 there is no way I'm going to wait.
We then tried our luck with Dandenong Furniture Galore & met the most amazing lovely store manager there who pulled strings & waved his magic wand and pulled us a couch way ahead of time for us!!! I just wanted to give the store manager a massive kiss after he got all this organized for us. So may I say a little shout out to the Store Manager of Dandenong Furniture Galore - you have really made this moving into our first home experience the best it could be!!!


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