Wednesday, 27 March 2013

BaByliss PRO Argan Oil

I don't think anyone could love Argan Oil as much as me!! This is a product I would die if I ran out of.
BaByliss PRO Argan Oil spray treatment is this amazing spritz spray that I use daily in my hair mostly because of the fly away flatness, smell and the feeling it leaves in your hair. 
You only need to use a few sprays depending on hair length. 
Naturally I have this wavy hair and can say that I am one of those who wakes up with naturally good hair that doesn't need styling. BaByliss PRO is a daily for me as I just spray a few spritz into my hair and it rake it through with my fingers and it gets all those fly aways smoothed out and barely noticeable and leaves my hair smelling SCRUMPTIOUS! 

Facts on the BaByliss Pro Argan Oil Spray Treatment -
  • Provides instant shine without the oily residue.
  • Hydrates, conditions and smoothes the hair cuticle.
  • Eliminates frizz.
  • Provides thermal protection and reduces drying time.
  • Provides colour protection.
Not only is BaByliss PRO Argan Oil providing you this but it is rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 5 and Vitamin E. 

This product is lightweight, non-greasy and creates a gorgeous shine for your hair. 


Quick 3 Facts on why Argan Oil is good for your hair -
  • It hydrates your hair in a natural way. 
  • Provided to be nourishing for hair growth.
  • Restores smoothness of hair.
To view more on the great range offered by BaByliss PRO Argan Oil Spray Treatment go to:            

RRP price of: $21.95 


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