Sunday, 3 March 2013

Herbal Teas for Morning Sickness

This weekend's all day sickness really got to me. 
Daniel & I went to do grocery shopping yesterday and I just wanted to get inside the trolley and make him push me around. I just feel so horrible. 
Although I am just coming out of my first trimester surely it can't carry on for too much longer right?
But then I hear all these other stories of ladies saying that they have been sick for ages in pregnancy with the last I spoke to saying she was sick until 20 weeks!! Yikes!! There is no way I could make a brave face until 20 weeks! 

This morning I had a bit of a google around about herbal teas as I was a daily drinker before pregnancy of my herbal teas. Chamomile always settled me when I felt horrible on my girly days or just felt sick from the stomach issues I had going on. 
I read online from a herbalist/botanist/acupuncturist that Chamomile tea was fine and that was my sign of relief. I went straight down into the kitchen and put that kettle on. 
I felt so much better after and still feeling quite good 4 hours onwards. 

Here is some great tips on which herbal teas are good for you during pregnancy that I read on google by the herbalist:
Raspberry Leaf Tea - completely safe for pregnancy, it's believed to help promote effective uterine contractions at delivery.
Nettle Leaf - nutritive tea.
Lemon Balm - mild relaxed and anti-herpes tea.
Chamomile - mild calmative and digestive aid.
Peppermint - help relieve flatulence and intestinal cramps.
Fresh Ginger - help relieve nausea. (You need fresh ginger root tea - which is found in the produce section of most markets)

What does everyone think of herbal teas during pregnancy?
Have you had pregnancies where you have had back morning sickness and used a natural remedy to help those sick feelings?


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