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Bulldog Skincare for Men

The Bulldog range was born out of frustration that there were no options available for switched-on men who wanted body friendly products that reduce the number of man-made chemicals in their bathrooms. As a pioneer of natural grooming, all Bulldog products are natural and don’t contain controversial chemicals such as parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. Instead, Bulldog products are loaded with essential oils and other amazing natural ingredients to deliver outstanding grooming results.

Bulldog is the first and largest natural skincare brand designed exclusively for male skin in the UK and since its launch in 2007 has expanded to the USA, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Japan and Australia.

Dan is always at me about when is something going to arrive in the mail for him. He gets so excited when we have parcels delivered but only to have contents that are for me so when he received Bulldog Skincare for him he was ecstatic!

Something I cannot stand is when men don't wash their face and take care of their skin! How can anyone not get up and want to start their day and end their day with a clean washed fresh face?

Dan has always been someone who has just washed his face with water and that's about it. Since being with me, Dan has learnt the benefits of using product on his skin - Dan used to get pimples popping up on a regular basis and with using product he has since kissed that goodbye on a regular basis.

Bulldog Skincare is actually the first males product he has used for his skin - he was always 'borrowed' or should I say stole mine in the bathroom so therefor I'm running out quicker then expected!

We have that little couples bathroom going on now - his products on one side and mine on the other of the basin instead of it looking like my bathroom only haha.

Bulldog Skincare is cruelty free with no animal testing so this was a big tick when it walked through our front door and earned its place in our bathroom.

$9.95 for 100ml

The Bulldog Original Face Scrub removes dead, dry skin to stimulate new skin cell growth. Designed specifically for men, the Original Face Scrub is packed with eight essential oils as well as pumice, coconut shell, rosehip oil and shea butter.

The beads in this feel like sand, they are very good at giving that deep scrub into your face which is what I really like within a facial scrub because it means you're actually getting a good clean in there - a good scrub always helps out those blackheads and pores!

Their isn't much of a scent on this product - if anything it has that organic, all natural smell to me.

Bulldog Original Face Scrub is very thick when it comes out - you will only need a small squeeze, although because of its thickness, we find it hard to evenly distribute onto your face without causing little clumps.

$9.95 for 175ml

The Bulldog Original Face Wash uses eight essential oils and green tea to gently cleanse the face of daily dirt and debris.

Any green tea lovers out there? The benefits of what green tea can do for your body is just never ending! This face wash has green tea in it along with eight other essential oils to help give your face that good clean from what it has been through during the day.

Bulldog Original Face Wash comes out as a yellowy tinged clear gel that is very light and easily lathered in product to use. It is a very strongly scented face wash, so if you are not careful it burns those eyes! Best use to apply the face wash with your eyes closed and then wash off the product without opening your eyes until completely finished with the face wash.

$11.95 for 100ml

The Bulldog Original Moisturiser is packed with eight essential oils, green tea, green algae, konjac mannan and vitamin E to help rehydrate the skin. Bulldog recommends application to the face and neck twice daily, after cleansing, for the best results.

Best thing ever invented for our faces is moisturiser's I say. If your man is suffering from dry skin or needs to hydrate his face then this is his friend! Although I do find the scent off putting for a man - even I wouldn't like this scent on my face as it's very strong scented.

With dry dehydrated skin becoming a big problem in this summer heat as we all want to be out getting the tans on. (yes, boys you are in that category too!) Along with being out in the sun and the heated weather comes dry skin so this was a treasure to place on the face giving it back all the nourishment it needed!

$9.95 for 175ml

Because every man must shave at some stage...the Bulldog Original Shave Gel is packed with eight essential oils, aloe vera, jojoba and konjac mannan for an incredibly smooth shave.

Dan's always been a shaving cream guy and never has really touched gels so using Bulldog Original Shave Gel as the first gel, Bulldog really had something to show Dan to convince him that gel is better then cream.

Bulldog Original Shave Gel didn't lather up as much as a cream would but it did provide a more closer shave leaving more baby face and less stubble. 
Being that it was more of a clear view to the face when shaving instead of big puffs of cream leaving no face to see - Dan was able to accurately shape his beard when he wanted a little bit of stubble instead of baby face.
The Aloe Vera put into the shaving gel is a great addition as it gets the face cooled down and puts some goodness into the skin before shaving.

$9.95 for 75ml

After the rigors of shaving, skin can feel sensitive and uncomfortable. The Bulldog Original After Shave Balm contains eight essential oils, including rosehip oil, vitamin E and green tea and helps to reduce redness while soothing and nourishing the skin.

Rosehip oil was what made this product really stand out - you hear so many great benefits to rosehip Oil that you know if you are to get a knick on the face from shaving that the rosehip oil will be there to take care of it and heal it in no time.

Bulldog After Shave Balm is really smooth and easily manoeuvred to its place on your face. It leaves your face feeling refreshed and after helping the knicks its like the lollipop you get from the doctors after you get an injection when a kid.

Tips of encouragement to get your man to take care of his face -
  • Put them in the shower - killing two birds with one stone! Men are all about taking the quick way out so having this in the shower will get Bulldog Skincare added to there showering regime - trust me it works. 
  • Give compliments - when you notice the change in their skin or the smell of the products they are using, tell them! This will encourage them to do it more. Someone else commenting on what you can notice yourself is always way better!
  • If you wake at the same time make a routine together where you do your face at the same time as your man. 

Bulldog Skincare For Men is available nationally from Big W, Woolworths, Priceline, select Coles and independent pharmacies. 

Bulldog products can also be purchased online and further details on the ingredients of each product are available at


  1. I must say my boyfriend really loves bulldog, I won a competition before Christmas, and gave it to him and he keeps buying it now :) He got it from xx


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