Friday, 24 January 2014

Celebrate Australia Day with Milk & Co - Australian Owned & Made!

Happy Australia Day! (Don’t forget the Milk)

Whatever way you choose to celebrate Australia Day this year – with a cold beer, beach barbie or ritual thong tossing – make sure you keep your Milk Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 30+ handy!

Proudly Australian made and owned by ex-Olympian, Michael Klim, this brilliant one-of-a-kind invention is perfect for a hot summer by the sea, because its dry to the touch powder means half the beach won’t stick to you.

It’s also water resistant and ultra sweat resilient, which makes it ideal for outdoor sports and the non-greasy formula absorbs super fast so it won’t block your pores or cause breakouts.

Even better, vitamin E provides moisture, aloe vera soothes and repairs your skin and tea tree aroma smells great and keeps the bugs away! It’s got to be the most perfect sunscreen ever designed by a true-blue Aussie original.

Milk and Co is a family company created by Olympic swimming champ Michael Klim, his wife Lindy and their three kids, Stella, Rocco and Frankie.

Using their unique family and sporting experience, the Klim’s create products designed to make life more liveable. Full of the good stuff, their products are simple and effective, made in Australia using 100% recyclable packaging and not tested on animals.

The Milk and Co range includes all natural products for him, her and baby too including:

For Him

Face Moisturiser + Sunscreen (SPF 30+) 
RRP $19.95
Feel refreshed and protects day and night with this super outdoorsy moisturiser and sunscreen in one made for blokes! Just slap on the ultra light formula and go! Plus great smelling rosemary and mint oils help you keep your cool.

Face Wash 
Tested on Michael Klim, this efficient and natural gel formula cleans your skin, unplugs pores and prevents breakouts – in short, it’s a wonder product.
For Her
Face Cleanser 
Clear away the day and get ready for tomorrow. With geranium and ylang ylang essential oils to invigorate and refresh plus antibacterial hibiscus flower and tamarind extracts, it’s the perfect makeup remover even for the darkest of eye makeup.

Body Wash 
Smell good, refresh yourself and get rid of nasty toxins with this light, quick and easy foaming body wash. You can even use it as a shampoo – so it’s the perfect dual-purpose product for a chockas gym bag.

For Baby

Protect Me + Sunscreen (SPF 30+) 
The harsh Australian sun can do serious damage to your little one’s skin. Ideal for 3 months+, this ultra gentle lotion gives broad-spectrum coverage with none of the nasty chemical absorbers.

Bath Time Wash 
RRP $12.95
This gentle, all natural bath wash includes more of the good stuff to get bubs cleaner and keep them safer. Smells so good, you’ll want to use it yourself.


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