Friday, 3 January 2014

Product Review: Gummee Glove

RRP $19.95
Teething Mitten For Babies
Soothing Control For Baby, Hands Free For Parents!

The beautiful bright, contrasting colours provide visual stimulation for babies. The Gummee glove soon becomes a familiar, comforting object for baby. 

The black & white crinkle patch helps to teach baby about 'cause and effect', while also providing additional amusement and entertainment vallue. The black and white colours also provide extra visual stimulation for baby. 

Mouth feel:
Gummee Glove has three protrusions of rubber teether's plus a detachable water filled teething ring. The ring can be easily removed for sterilising & the water teether is filled with 100% pure water. 

The Gummee Glove can be secured safely onto baby's hands, so baby has total control. 

Key Features:

  • Detachable water filled teething ring
  • Laundry bag for easy washing
  • Various rubber protrusions for biting
  • Adjustable fit for any baby

When I first put the Gummee Glove onto my bubs hand you could tell she was like what's going on.. it took her a little while to get used to a bit of extra weight to move on her hand. It was actually quite funny (as pictured above) when she first had it on because she put it up to her ear like it was a telephone or something, very cute moment though!
Niahbella is 4 months at the moment and has been going through the sucking of her hands and fingers, shoving her toys etc. in her mouth for about 3 weeks now.
It concerns me at times because she gets to the point of where she sticks her fingers in too far that she'll dry reaching or sometimes cause herself to vomit and it doesn't matter how many times I pull her fingers out, they're always going to go back in. That's a good thing about this Gummee Glove as it attaches to their hand.

And for my little hand model/tester (my daughter) is wearing the Gummee Glove (pictured above and below) which demonstrates that there is a velcro strap which goes around the wrist to stay on.


The glove is mainly for the use of babies between 3- 6 months as this is when they are most unlikely able to grasp a teething toy by themselves without assistance.  
The Gummee Glove is completely hands free for us Mummies so we can stick it on bubby and be able to do what we need to.

My bubs (being 4 months as said above) is yet to get the teething ring part into her mouth which is at the top of the glove, I think this might be due to the fact her arms are to short?? 

I love the features that have been put into this Gummee Glove, Being that it was created by a mummy - she knows exactly what we look for in and what we need within a teething toy. 

It's very compact and easily cleaned for bubs to have. With the machine washable material and the little laundry bag which can also allow you to have this teething toy put into a cover to take out and kept clean in the bag whilst having it on hand in your bag.

My daughter is attracted to anything black and white (maybe this is a baby thing - I'm not to sure) so she's very keen on the Gummee Glove. 

No teeth have appeared yet on my little miss and I am a little worried for what's in store as I don't hear good things about teething but I am very keen to get more use out of this for my little one.

I highly recommend the Gummee Glove to any Mum who is looking for a teething toy!


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