Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mum's Gastric Bypass

Grandma and Granddaughter 
Well it's been a long 9 years waiting for my Mum who has been on the public list for Gastric Bypass!
On the 31st of December 2013 Mum received a call that it was her last day eating food and she was to have an Optifast shake diet for the next 2 weeks as she would be going in on the Wednesday the 15th of January, 2014 for her operation! What a way to enter the new year hey?!!!
I could only imagine how much she would be screaming in happiness inside knowing that the wait is FINALLY over!

I saw Mum quite a few times over the 2 weeks of her shake only diet before her operation and she was doing really well - apart from sniffing chip packets which somehow helped her get by with no eating haha!
Mum nearly cracked one time but it wouldn't of been as bad as eating something of 'real food', she was feeding Niahbella her solids and went to test it her food was too hot - nearly got herself but then realised ah no I can't do that haha!

On the Tuesday before Mum went in, Niahbella & me went over to wish her luck - tears were shed from Mum as it was all becoming so real now.

The day of the operation came and I went over to be with my siblings as we waited for Dad to give us the news on how Mum was/went.
The younger siblings (Samii & Tarmeka) shared their emotional morning with Mum as they wished her well wishes as she went off with Dad to the Austin Hospital for her surgery.

Dad got in contact with us at about 10am telling us that Mum had gone in at 8:20am and that they had estimated she would come out around about 1pm. He told us that she was very emotional crying and that he told her is she was to cry then he would too so I guess they had a mini blubber fest together haha!

I missed a call around 3pm from Dad and then when we tried calling him back it went straight to message bank so we thought he might have gone back to Mum's side.
We were constantly trying to call him ever since we missed Dad's call at 3pm but no luck. We were starting to stress by about 6pm as to where he was and if he was okay as well, so we ended up calling the hospital and got in contact with the nurses who were with Mum and they said she couldn't talk but was awake. We asked if Dad was there and they said No so we thought okay maybe he was on his way home. The nurse in recovery gave us a brief run down of how Mum was saying she did really well in surgery and was progressing well and would be moved up to her ward in about an hours time but couldn't answer much as she advised us she wasn't the nurse attending to her.

By about 7pm I contacted my cousin to find out if he had made a stop off to their house but nothing so we were still stressing over where he was. We thought he would of been home for dinner with us so we ended up organising our own dinner and waited it out.
It reached about 9-9:30pm and Dad finally arrived home, thankfully! He told us his phone had died so he couldn't call and doesn't know any of our numbers off the top of his head to tell ring off a hospital phone.

Dad thought he was quite funny keeping a straight game face when he came in not talking and then said Do you want the good news or the bad news? That came back in his face when we turned around to say there is no bad news as we rang the hospital - off the smirk on his face went haha!
Dad said that Mum came out after 1pm but he wasn't able to see her until about 3:30pm as she was in recovery - what a long wait Dad did by waiting in the waiting room for her!
Dad stayed by her side until she was taken up to the ward and then waited until they kicked him out when visiting hours were over at 8pm to come home.

Dan, Niahbella and I went in the next day to see how she was going - because there is so many of us children of Mum's we went in separate so my little family went in first in the morning and when Dad arrived with the younger 3 siblings we left to share out the time with Mum and not create a busy room for everyone in the ward.

When I first saw Mum in hospital it was like I had just seen her for the first time ever - my mind went into this weird state where I had to re-remember what Mum looked like. I don't know how that come around but it did.
Mum looked so weak, tired and in pain which is everything she said she felt also.
Mum was happy to see us though and I think the playing with Niahbella took her mind off the pain and how she was feeling.
We stayed with Mum for a few hours and then did a change over so when my Dad came in with the siblings we left so there wasn't a huge big crowd of all of us in the hospital room with other patients. 
What really got me annoyed about The Austin hospital was this one nurse who as soon as the family came in after us and we were just saying hello and goodbye to them she comes over saying 'There is someone whose really ill in this room and it's a 2 visitors at a time maximum'. We are all very courteous to the others around us but yet she felt she had to come over to us who we whisper talking and in fact it was one of the other patients in the room who continuously had about 7-8 visitors come in at a time... it was pack after pack of visitors! And those people didn't have common courtesy to anyone else and where speaking loudly! 

Over the next few days Mum just had enough of being in hospital, she missed her family too much and just wanted to talk to someone when we weren't all in their in visiting hours. 

Mum was in hospital for a total of 7 days. Went in on the 15th of Jan and came out on the 21st of January. 

For now Mum is on her hard part of the journey where she will be tempted by food and needing to know what's best for her to eat and learning her limitations with her stomach. 

Mum - 


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