Tuesday, 21 January 2014

REVIEW: Mary & Marie Nappy Bags

As this is my first time being a mummy I wasn't aware of how many branded baby bags there actually was and what I would need within a nappy bag so I had no idea what I was looking for when my partner and I went to purchase one. 
When my partner and I first were looking at baby bags the only thing that came to mind was that we wanted to have a unisex color and look to it so he could have it too, that was a bit of a bummer for me as I wanted to have one of those gorgeous pretty looking nappy bags that I see the other mummies out with. 

We ended up coming out with a black boring bag that was really hard to get things in and out off and wasn't the best to catering to easy use.
It wasn't until I experienced my first real nappy bag - Mary & Marie as a brand have really opened my eyes as to what we should have been searching for in the first place. 
They're just so spacious, so well thought through and really do cater to what you actually need!

What's great about the Mary & Marie Nappy Bag is that you can zip out the internals and have an after baby handbag! I was amazed at that and if I wasn't told about that feature I would have had no idea.... Silly me thought that the zip around the whole inside at the top was those like secret compartments, ergh... wrong! 

When I looked at the prices for the branded nappy bags I was a little taken back - but that is not only Mary & Marie I am talking about... every other branded nappy bag that is on the market is of a $$ price but you know what - Mary & Marie are worth it! I would definitely pay the price for something of this good quality. 

The bags are luxury laser cut leather - they're actually pretty heavy on their own with nothing in it so right away I knew these would be heavy duty and wouldn't break on me! I've always been that person who over caters and packs my life into my bag... which I have gotten better at, I just need to make sure that I purchase smaller/medium sized bags to help me control that. 

I am really bad with organisation - I am just not an organised person who was everything in order, I wish I did but unfortunately we can't all have that. 
Mary & Marie Nappy Bags did all the organising in the bag for me - there was a place for everything! 
My favourite was the little clip inside in the bag on the walls of it that you could clip your keys too so there is never that horrible moment of standing at your car for 5 minutes digging around in the bag looking for the keys whilst bypassing people think you're doing something dodgy or yet trying to steal your own car! That clip has saved me countless minutes!

RRP $249.99

Grey stone laser cut nappa leather
Luxury laser cut leather handbag with detachable longer shoulder strap & inside organiser
Chasing Amy Handbag is subtle and sophisticated. Use the short strap to carry it during the week then lengthening it to a cross-body style for the weekend. Our inside organiser section is also completely removable creating a clever peek-a-boo effect with the 
laser cut nappa leather.

Upon receiving this bag it was just pure love at first sight. I had trouble trying to change over to the La Dolce because I was that in love but when I finally changed over my bag (A month later)... I feel equally in love with the La Dolce, actually it would best to say I completely feel in love with Mary & Marie as a brand!

The Chasing Amy is a bit smaller in width and deepth then the La Dolce Vita so I would find that I would over stack my bag with items coming out the top of the bag. 
During the time I used the Chasing Amy I did have an issue with the zipper constantly separating and popping open whilst zipped up but this may be because of how much I had put in the bag and with it being suspended in the air by hooks on the side.

Black and white leather
Luxury high-grade leather handbag with detachable shoulder strap, handy outer pockets & inside organiser

A cumbersome nappy bag is the last thing you need on a hectic day out with your new baby, so keep things super organized and incredibly stylish with our better than ever carryall.

Carefully handmade with high-grade luxury nappa leather, this bag has all the bells and whistles you'd want from a baby bag (without the not so polished look)

Featuring our signature removable interior organizer section, bottle holder, key hook, waterproof section & easy to find mesh pocking. We have even topped this style off with slim outside pockets for all those things you need within hands reach!

Finished with a detachable long strap that fits perfectly over your pram handles. The best thing is, even if you have no baby in your sites this bag will take you anyway!!!

If you want space then this is your bag! This is like a clowns party bag that keeps giving and giving but in a baby nappy bag version - I can fit so much stuff in here comfortably without the overflow at the top. 
I've always been nervous about using pockets on the exterior of my handbags for the case of someone pick pocketing me so this was the first time I was able to make use of those pockets as I now have my handbag hooked onto the pram (thank you to the first creator of pram hooks so these arms don't break off with the what seems to be a 5kg+ nappy bag!).  

The La Dolce Vita being a dark coloured back and then dark coloured internals kind of made it a bit hard to find things inside the bag.

The La Dolce Vita felt more heavy duty to me and coped with all that I filled it with. 

Something I didn't like was that there is a gap hole into the bag, where the zipper starts and ends. I hate having an open bag as I just don't like the idea of anything getting into my bag and in this case would be those creepy crawlies haha!

Overall I highly recommend Mary & Marie Nappy Bags if you are looking for quality, space, organisation and easy use. They are value for money and you will not be disappointed at all!

Dan was very much a fan of these nappy bags as well - He had no problem taking these nappy bags on his own with the pram which is probably more girly then the nappy bags though haha!
I did get more comments on the La Dolce Vita as it must be the size and colouring of it that everyone loves! Dan was more of a La Dolce Vita Nappy Bag man also.

I am actually a pram crazy lovers of my Bugaboo and actually choose the colouring of the bags to match my prams - Mary & Marie have well unisex selected colours I believe.


  1. Absolutely great post with quality information. I really love the la dolce vita being a dark colored back cause dirt can't be seen. but the cost is too much for me. Vanchi


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