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Jeanswest Jnr - Fallyne Parka REVIEW

Jeanswest are an online and in store fashion lifestyle clothing retail shop stocking clothes for Women, Men, Maternity and Children, but don't let the name fool you. Jeanswest are not just a store for jeans they are much, much more. I should know - I have just found recently rediscovered Jeanswest.

In all honesty I didn't know Jeanswest did a children's range until this late last year when a store opened up close by in the local shopping centre I was living near at the time and saw mannequins of children with clothes on. I was always impressed with the style and colours I saw on the mannequins but never went in and purchased anything.
Reason being when Niah was younger and crawling around she was wearing the knees in on pants, getting caught on her dresses and getting grubby with her food. I didn't see much of a point in spending money on good quality clothing when they would get spoiled quickly.

Niah is now 19 months of age, walking around and full of beans. I wouldn't say that she doesn't get dirty but her clothes remain some what cleaner then what they used to be like so it's now that I'm hitting the fashion stores and getting involved with kids fashion, which I am super excited about.

Recently we met with the Jeanswest Marketing and Design team who kindly showed us their range and gave us a good behind the scenes talk on the effort and thought that goes into there clothing for the kids.
Did you know that Jeanswest will wash their clothes before they put them on the store racks for sale?
Did you know that Jeanswest will always carry a match through their season ranges so you can always match new season with old season items in your child's wardrobe?
Well they do and I found all that out right from the lips of the Jeanswest team.

Whilst meeting the team we were kindly gifted the 'Fallyne Parka' from their Winter range.
When asked to select something from their range I fell in-love with the Parka from the moment I saw it.

The navy blue with a touch of pink were the perfect colours for this winter and especially on a child. It's the cute colours that pull off well together but only really on a child. Blue's are a fantastic colour on Niah so I knew this would be a perfect match on her skin tone.


The detailing on this parka is stunning, with soft little abstract embroidered stitches that run along the sleeves of this parka and on the hood adding that unique blend to the parka front.
The inside of the parka has printed black and pink lining that can be buttoned in or taken out, being a very versatile parka that can be used for all seasons.

A pink drawstring hangs around the middle of this parka allowing you to pull this in tighter through the colder days.

An assortment of pockets and zips are featured on this parka making the parka look really stylish and are there for the show design, these are not real compartments on the jacket, which makes sense as there isn't much point when it comes to children's clothing because they don't need those compartments in clothing until they reach maybe 5 or 6 and want to carry a few of their favourite pocket sized items around.

The Fallyne Parka is 100% cotton canvas fabrication, which you can tell straight off the bat by the soft textured feel of the material when you lay hands on this parka.

I really like the long length of this parka, Niah is 19 months old and this parka comes right down to the back of her knees. Keeping that tooshie of hers warm.
We took this overseas with us and was the perfect parka ever for when we were going through NZ in the early hours of the morning.

I am so extremely happy to be able to have a parka for Niah in her wardrobe and can't wait to get more use out of it in the coming colder months.

The Fallyne Parka comes in sizing from 2 to 5 and retails at $59.99.


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