Wednesday, 15 April 2015

RECAP/ROUND UP: Miss Muddy Obstacle Course - Sandown Racecourse

Last year in November I took on my first obstacle course and first Miss Muddy. From then on I developed an addiction to having fun and challenging myself by doing obstacles.

Miss Muddy is the perfect obstacle course to take on if you are wanting to ease into the obstacle course life, be surrounded by other women and just have fun. 

Miss Muddy is a 5km course with 16 obstacles that is for all fitness levels with the option of some obstacles having an easy or hard option. 
All obstacles are at your own discretion to do. Give it a go - you never know you may think you can't do it but you'll be amazed at what your body can actually achieve. 

                             BEFORE                                                                           AFTER
This time around Miss Muddy Melbourne was out at Sandown Racecourse in Springvale. More of a central location that was easier accessed to everyone in my opinion, even though I didn't mind the drive to Creswick last time around.
The MM course felt shorter at Sandown Racecourse and I didn't feel it had much of a distance between the obstacles to get to like at Creswick. 

MM switched up the course from last year and you would finish off with going through the water slides at the end rather than the mud pits last which I think was good and bad. 
Good - It was the best saved for last! The water slides are so much fun. 
Bad - Majority of the mud needs to be hosed off before you go onto the water slides and you're not as muddy for your photos at the end against the MM wall. Their was a photographer who took photos right after you got out of the mud pits but there was no MM banner up to get your pics against. 

MM had more photographers on course this time around with photographers being at points of after the paint cannons, foam pit, ice baths, mud pits and after the finish line on the MM wall. As apposed to last year where I only recall them being in two places later on in the afternoon - after the mud pits and at the finish line. 

What I love about getting involved with Miss Muddy and volunteering my time is being able to chat with entrants about why they are doing it and get them more pumped before they head out on track for their heat. 
The Miss Muddy team are always a pleasure to work with and really thank you for taking part in making this event come together for them. 

Being a volunteer means you can be part of multiple roles/teams to help aid the course. You could be on course helping out on the obstacles, handing out medals at the end, help setup and take down the course, filling cups ready for entrants who come past to drink some fluids.

The males can also get involved with volunteering and then run in the volunteer wave at the end of the day. 

Miss Muddy will be heading back to Creswick again at the end of the year, doing there first two (2) day event where you can race either the Saturday 5th or Sunday 6th of December. 
Will I be seeing you back there? Will you be back joining me for a third MM medal like myself?


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