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Uriage Thermal Water and CU-ZN+ Crème Anti-Irritations Cream REVIEW

Uriage; Since its creation in 1992, the Uriage brand has been meeting the needs of sensitive skin thanks to it's internationally renowned dermatological expertise.

Recently I was introduced to the brand Uriage, I had never heard of them before so it was fantastic to come across a new brand. As a blogger we love getting to know brands that are out there and of course putting them to the test, with a raw review of what we thought of the product. 

Uriage are an overseas French company who are launching products in Australia now Cosmetiques de France who have a variety of different ranges from the daily skincare, sensitive/intolerant skincare to dermatological care. 
Uriage are a unique company to me as I suffer from dermatitis which causes my skin to become quite sensitive towards certain products. At current my dermatitis is manageable and has just cleared up from a breakout from the hot heats of being overseas in Samoa. 

Uriage Thermal Water was one of the products that I took overseas with me because I knew that the heat would get to me and I would like to have something that can freshen me up, stop the itch on my dermatitis, lock in my makeup and to take care of Niah's skin as well. 

Uriage Thermal Water comes in both a 50ml and a 300ml aerosol spray which we were kindly gifted a 50ml size, perfect for the hand luggage on an aeroplane.  

Uriage thermal water has numerous benefits: it hydrates and refreshes the skin all day long while at work, shopping or doing outdoor sport;it seals make-up;it soothes after sunburn or post aesthetics treatments;it is also recommended for nappy rashes or red patches on the skin.

Uriage Thermal Water is suitable for all skins even the most sensitive and especially for skin prone to redness, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

The uses are unstoppable when it comes to thermal water, it can be pretty much used for anything and everything. For myself I was using the thermal water mostly on my face to freshen up or to set my makeup in place. A simple spritz all over the face would leave your face wet for about 30 seconds and then just set into your skin making it feel really hydrated, soft and subtle again. 

But the most frequent use for us was with Niah -
Niah developed some serious nappy rash over in Samoa during our first trip in January and would be in a lot of uncomfortable pain so this time around when we went in mid March we went prepared. 
Emilie from Uriage marketing team advised me that the thermal water is good for prevention of nappy rash and to spray a little on the affected area should I see redness and that's what we did, we would give it a spray when the redness would come up and help make the uncomfortableness bearable for Niah. 

I was worried at first because it's wetness that can cause nappy rash on children's bottoms at times but fortunately for us that wasn't the case. Uriage Thermal Water is 100% natural and bacteriologically pure. It will moisturise your skin for up to 3 hours, about the time period of when a nappy change is due. Whilst Uriage Thermal Water was protecting Niah, it couldn't fight off the overall heat that would be caused to Niah's poor bottom which is where another Uriage product called CU-ZN+ Crème Anti-Irritations came in hand. 


Uriage CU-ZN+ Crème Anti-Irritations is nothing like any other rash creams I have ever tried before. It is so very soft and silky feeling. This cream was perfect for being overseas in the hot heat as it was light and played a very effective role towards helping assist Niah's nappy rash. The cream was not greasy either and was smooth on the skin.

After the first application we found their was some positive progress in the nappy rash and it was instantly working to aid. By at least the next two - three days we were almost clear of the nappy rash. 

Due to the heat in Samoa we ended up popping the CU-ZN+ Crème Anti-Irritations in the fridge for extra comfort for Niah.

Ladies, those killer heels we wear to work and suffer those terrible blisters on the backs of our feet - this barrier cream is the bomb for anti irritation and moisturising the skin there.

This soothing, purifying and repairing emulsion is specially formulated for treating dry, irritated skin prone to secondary infections.

Uriage CU-ZN+ Crème Anti-Irritations - expect to pay $19.99
Uriage Thermal Water 50ml - expect to pay $10.95

**Product was gifted in exchange for its review here. All opinions are my own and I have not been advised what to write.

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