Monday, 6 April 2015

Maxine's Challenge Update - 6 weeks in

It has been a little while since I have touched base with you about my Maxine's Challenge as I have had a lot of things going on for me, so I'll turn back to about week 2-3 to inform you about what's been happening.

During week 2, I was really struggling and was constantly questioning myself because this was a complete different way to how I used to diet and what I found work for me when I was on a weight loss journey back before having Niah. 
I was questioning why I didn't have much fruit in my diet, why I couldn't have this and why I couldn't have that and was starting to go back into some of the ways that I liked doing things e.g having a green smoothie for breakfast. 

After I felt I wasn't going to make it to the 12 weeks I received bad news that my Grandmother was going to pass away soon so we were spending each day with her until she passed away.
During those days we were spending with her I wasn't prepared with meals - my fault as I wasn't prepping meals to just grab and go, which I ended up just not eating at all. Which we all know isn't good to do at all because it will play with your metabolism. 

After my Grandma past away I then started comfort eating and not working about my diet because I knew that being on a diet over in Samoa wasn't going to happen. 

We took my Grandma back over to her homeland Samoa to bury her with my Grandad and if you don't already know, Samoa is an all year round day in day out, humid and hot weather that will have you sweating nonstop. My protein bars and cookies were not going to last a minute after we arrived into the airport so that went out the door. There isn't much fresh fruit and vegetables over there that are at price that won't break your bank and it's rude to not eat with your family and what they have cooked for you so I thought it's alright I can still eat whatever over there and should come back with losing weight and not having put on anything which I was right as I was 2kgs down.

Samoa will do that too you - sometimes you are only having 1 meal a day because it's that hot you can't even think to eat something or you are just constantly sweating your butt off that it's helping shred the weight. 

After we got back from Samoa we were in week 4.5 of the challenge and it was time to upload the 4 week transformation photos which I wasn't expecting anything after all I had only dropped 2kgs in that first month but when I compared photos I noticed a small change - mainly a change within my legs; thighs are as it doesn't seem to have much of a cellulite thing going on. 

I can also feel a huge change in my legs because they are much stronger then they used to be when I am doing exercise and will always be in pain for 2 days after working my legs. I can also see some muscular change on my thighs which makes me super happy.

Today we are in week 6 and I still haven't gotten back on track with my diet since coming back from Samoa. I'm the only one to blame for not committing and getting on with it but as I start my new job tomorrow I have high hopes that I will get back on track. Being at home constantly I'll get bored or just be tempted by what we have in the cupboards/fridge and end up gorging on food, but by being back at work I will be kept busy and will be able to focus on maintaining a good healthy diet again.

I've only been to the gym once since getting back which is not my style at all. I'm usually an everyday gym go-er so this week I'm getting back on track and will get up earlier to ensure I can get my gym session in before work and then come home to my cherub. 

I may not be able to get Top 10 or Top 50 this challenge round like I would have hoped due to my set backs and commitment but as long as I am changing my body and health for the better that's all that counts right. Maybe next Maxine's challenge I will make it to the tops haha. 


On another note I tried out my Maxine's strawberry burn protein powder and was really impressed with it! Definitely my favourite at current!!

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