Saturday, 11 April 2015

RECAP/ROUND UP: Fitness and Health Expo 2015

Visiting the Fitness and Health Expo is always a highlight of my year. I've been in the industry for coming close to 6 years now and it sometimes a love hate relationship but it's a passion.
I remain committed and always come back to it.
The Fitness expo is always such a motivating and mind changing expo. It's the one that I always come from full of fire in my belly again.

The Fitness and Health Expo came back around to Melbourne again this year for the second time in a row, where as previously it was in Sydney - which I hated due to it not being in my state of course even though Melbourne has other fitness expos, this expo is the bigger one for Australia.

This year there wasn't many big fitness celebs out in which is understandable due to the Arnold Classic just passing by last month in which all the big names were out.
I did notice a few of my the bigger international supplement industry companies missing as well from the expo but this may have been because FIBO was on over in Germany.
Regardless though this expo was still a good one to be at.

Lucky me was invited along to the media preview - in which this year I could attend, YAY! Last year unfortunately, I couldn't make the set date the preview was on.
What the media preview entitled me to take part in was:

Photo credit: Milon Australia

  • Sweat your butt off in an express high intensity fat burning training session with Fitness Celeb Max Philisaire
  •  Taste products freshly made right in front of us from Teresa Cutter - The Healthy Chef
  • And of course take home a goodie bag stacked with a variety of products that were at the expo
After the media preview it was time for me to do my thing and head off to meet brands (ones I know and meet new ones). 

I was given the opportunity to meet with Channel 7's Bringing Sexy Back Personal Trainer, Trainer of the crowned Celebrity Men's Health Man; Larry Edmur; just to name a few title accomplishments: Cameron Byrnes, were I grilled him with questions on an interview that will be posted up shortly. 
(Dictation needing to be done on my behalf)

Meet Zac Smith at Flush Fitness and taste a million different supplements from the brands under Flush Fitness that left me on a huge buzz as well as protein-ed out and take home handfuls of supplements samples.

Highly recommend anyone who has interest in the Fitness and Health side of things to attend this event. You won't regret attending the event.


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